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Fast, frequent and accurate Kappa numbers

Valmet Brown Stock Quality Analyzer (Valmet Kappa Q1)

The Valmet Brown Stock Quality Analyzer (Valmet Kappa Q1) provides increased analysis frequency for digester control in high yield kraft pulping.

Valmet Kappa Q1 analyzer for kappa numbers

Real-time Kappa data for higher efficiency

The analysis frequency of the Valmet Kappa Q1 provides a huge opportunity for chemical savings and improved yield. By minimizing controlled Kappa variations, you can increase the average Kappa target and preserve pulp quality.

The Valmet Brown Stock Quality Analyzer can use the process sampler and sample line an existing Valmet Kappa or Fiberline analyzer. This enables even faster measurement sequencing of multiple samplers, bringing tighter control to other stages.

Self-adjusting pulp sampling and sample transportation together with optimized sample washing ensures the high availability of results and guarantees repeatability in all situations. Achieve high operational savings through tighter cooking, oxygen delignification and bleaching controls.

Brown stock quality analyzer for kappa numbers

Safe, reliable measurements

The analyzer keeps operators away from harsh process environments. With a built-in touch screen display, all analyzer operating parameters, operating sequences and diagnostics are all instantly available.

Laboratory sampling is convenient and safe thanks to the automated, built-in laboratory collector. Only the process sampling device is connected to the pressurized process. Using similar sweep analysis as Valmet’s market leading multi-point kappa analyzer, advanced LED technology ensures exceptional accuracy.

At the analysis unit, disturbing liquors are thoroughly washed away and pulp Kappa number analyzed.  Innovative sample handling minimizes water consumption and ensures effective operation even with high shive content pulps.

Fast installation, easy operation

Factory pre-calibration with customer pulp samples makes analyzer commissioning exceptionally fast, easy and safe. Installation of the sampler and sample line needs only a short shutdown. There is no special strengthening required unlike pipe mounted analyzers. Reliability is improved with the analyzer located in a vibration-free environment.

The analyzer features self-cleaning for trouble-free operation. Few moving and wearing parts keeps maintenance to a minimum. Versatile remote connections including Industrial Internet enable efficient system follow-up and support, both locally and from a Valmet expert offsite.