Waste to energy

Sustainable Waste to Energy solutions for optimum energy production

In boosting sustainability and eco-efficient energy production, nothing of value should be wasted. Valmet has sustainable solutions for optimum energy production from waste-derived fuels. For example, a city can use our solutions to maximize its revenues from recycling materials and also from generating electric power, heating and cooling.

Proven solutions for demanding fuels

Our technology produces very efficient combustion, which results in extremely good environmental performance. It also offers high fuel flexibility and electrical efficiency that can be as high as in biomass-fired power plants. This gives you more options when choosing fuel and also generates more electricity. Both of these benefits greatly improve plant profitability.

Valmet has developed solutions that have proven to be suitable for demanding fuels, and good results have been achieved. Our Waste to Energy concept is based on the principle of maximized recycling and combustion of the recycling waste, Solid Recovery Fuels (SRF).


Decades of power plant automation expertise

Valmet is an experienced supplier of automation and information management applications for diverse waste-to-energy plants, utilizing industrial, municipal and wood waste or sludge.

The Valmet DNA Automation System with its scalable architecture covers the entire control and monitoring of all processes at waste-to-energy plants. A central part of that is the Valmet DNA automation system with powerful control, monitoring, protection, optimization and reporting applications. Valmet offers professional project deliveries with decades of power plant automation expertise.

Fluidized bed technology for large and small plants

Valmet builds fluidized bed boilers with a fuel input of up to 1,000 MW, and the biggest waste-fired plant delivered by us combusts over 400,000 tons of waste per year. For plants with a fuel consumption of some 100,000 tons per year, we offer a modularized WtE solution that makes project development relatively easy. This kind of plant produces approximately 9 MW of electricity.

Waste gasification

Valmet is a pioneer in waste gasification with successful references. One of the biggest benefits of this technology is that electrical efficiency can be even higher than with traditional combustion.


Waste to energy plant
Our expertise is at your service

Our expertise is at your service

Our focus is to bring your performance forward. Our expertise in sustainable energy production is at your disposal. Get in touch with our specialists through your local Valmet office, or the link below.

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