Carbon Capture pre-treatment

As industries accelerate their decarbonization efforts, the focus is on advanced flue gas cleaning solutions. Flue gas pre-treatment is key to the successful implementation of Carbon Capture plants. Flue gas pre-treatment requires even more sophisticated optimization of flue gas cleaning solutions, not only to ensure compliance with the stringent emission standards but also to ameliorate the efficiency of the decarbonization process.

Effective reduction of NOx, SOx, dust and other pollutants for Carbon Capture

Optimized cooling and integrated heat recovery to improve the overall Carbon Capture efficiency

Reduced solvent decomposition and solvent make-up requirements

Advanced Pre-Treatment for Carbon Capture

Effective pre-treatment of flue gas is essential for optimal performance of carbon capture plants. Valmet pre-treatment technology focuses on NOx, acidic gas, and particulate matter reduction, along with gas cooling and conditioning.

For instance, NOx removal directly translates to lower solvent decomposition during chemical absorption and consequently reduces the demand for solvent replenishment. Reduction of particulate matter is essential to avoid deposits in the process equipment, and acidic gas reduction decreases maintenance requirements of the plant and associated costs.

The pre-treatment process is applicable to gas streams of varied compositions and is tailored on a case-by-case basis to reach the inlet conditions predetermined by the Carbon Capture process.

Valmet delivers turn-key solutions, meaning that a complete design and engineering of the system is carried out to ensure the system’s functionality and controllability. In addition to Valmet pre-treatment, Carbon Capture system components require process cooling, and Valmet engineers and delivers tailor-made process cooling solutions that tackle rapid variations in loads and cooling capacities required by the CC process.

Valmet pre-treatment provides comprehensive solutions for advanced gas cleaning and conditioning, prioritizing process efficiency, facilitating equipment protection, and safeguarding against secondary emissions.

Our expertise is at your service

Our expertise is at your service

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