Process upgrades for pulp mills

Improve the production performance with pulping and fiber process and machine upgrades

Process upgrades for pulp mills

As a leading technology expert in pulping and fiber we have extensive expertise and experience. This knowledge is incorporated in all our products, giving us exceptional insight into all aspects of upgrading processes and machinery. Let as help you to raise production efficiency, lower your maintenance costs and move your production quality to a new level.

Process upgrades can help you in the following ways: 

  • Raise production efficiency
  • Bring quality to a new level
  • Lower the maintenance costs
  • Allow circularity

Cost effective and circular way to reach new pulp production targets

To maintain the competitiveness of your core processes and to develop them throughout the lifecycle. We provide a wide range of solutions for upgrading and enhancing woodhandling, cooking and fiberline, white liquor, recovery boiler, evaporation, pulp drying and baling processes and machinery. The scope is always based on your specific needs and the solutions are tailored to maximize the performance of equipment and processes.

Small investments to remove bottlenecks and move toward circularity

With small or mid-size investments production bottlenecks can be opened or extends the original process design limitations. Typical process upgrade building blocks are design engineering, new components, rebuild and upgrades and process controls and efficient commissioning and start-up service. By upgrading and reuse an existing machine instead of buying a completely new you are a little friendlier to the enviroment.

Increased boiler capacity

Capacity increases of up to 40% are common, and our rebuilds are typically planned and carried out in a very short time frame. Valmet has developed long-standing relationships with pulp mills all over the globe. We have upgraded more than 200 chemical recovery boilers, with excellent results.

Recovery boiler rebuild

We have upgraded more than 

200 chemical recovery boilers

with excellent results

Process-uprades-for-pulp 768x432.jpg

Wash press upgrades – improve twinroll efficiency

Excellent washing efficiency, high availability and high output consistency, lower chemicals consumption and reducing your water consumption footprint. Increasing capacity by improved dewatering and washing, improving consistency, and optimizing operation while minimizing operational and maintenance costs.

Process upgrades for cooking and fiberline

Upgrade the green liquor handling

Upgrading existing machinery or process is a cost effective way to reach new production targets or to lower the maintenance costs.

In process upgrades the customer value is built on the targeted process KPIs and guaranteed result.

Watch and learn how Södra Mönsterås pulp mill reduced their chemical consumption by installing a 2-decanter system for dregs handling. >>

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