Plant-wide automation for waste incineration

Valmet DNA Automation for waste-to-energy power plants

Valmet's automation solutions for waste-to-energy power plants

Valmet DNA Automation solution supports waste-to-energy (WtE) power plants in producing energy safely and efficiently – with low cost and low impact on the environment. High levels of automation lead to more operational flexibility, reliability and availability. This is achieved with automatic controls, integrated performance and condition monitoring, and advanced operator interface and analysis tools. The result is an efficient and environmentally sound reduction in waste volume.

A single plant-wide automation and information system for both industrial and utility power plants

Sustainable and safe energy production with improved energy and material and operational efficiency

Turnkey delivery from hardware design to commissioning

Comprehensive lifecycle services from spare parts and on-call support to knowledge-based services

Proven solutions for all WtE technologies

Valmet’s automation technology is well suited for all sustainable and diverse waste-to-energy plant types, including those based on gasification, circulating fluidized bed (CFB) and grate technologies. Valmet's automation is available for WtE plants using industrial, municipal and wood waste or sludge. One of the company’s success concepts maximizes the recycling and combustion of waste to produce high-yield solid recovered fuels (SRF).

Experience with several technology providers

In the waste-to-energy sector, Valmet has extensive experience working with equipment suppliers and engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) contractors. Many of Valmet’s WtE projects are implemented together with EPC contractors. The list includes many companies who trust Valmet’s automation technology for their waste-to-energy plant projects.

One system for complete process control

A central part of Valmet’s automation offering is the Valmet DNA Automation System with its many powerful control, protection, monitoring, reporting and optimization applications. The scalable system controls and monitors all processes in the waste-to-energy power plant. This includes the boiler, combustion, flue gas treatment, fuel handling, turbine, district heating and switchyard.

Valmet DNA automation offers broad fuel flexibility and ensures optimum electrical efficiency, which can be as high as in biomass-fired power plants. It offers plant operators more options when choosing fuel and generates more electricity, both of which greatly improve plant profitability. In addition, efficient combustion has a positive impact on any plant’s environmental performance.

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