Valmet's automation solutions for waste-to-energy power plants

Valmet's automation solutions for waste-to-energy power plants

Valmet is an experienced supplier of automation solutions for sustainable and diverse waste-to-energy plants that utilize industrial, municipal and wood waste or sludge.

A central part of Valmet’s advanced automation offering is the Valmet DNA system, with its many powerful control, monitoring, protection, optimization and reporting applications. With scalable architecture, the system provides complete control of all processes in a plant.

Valmet’s technology is the perfect choice for efficient and environmentally sound energy production from waste-derived fuels. It offers broad fuel flexibility and ensures optimum electrical efficiency, which can be as high as in biomass-fired power plants. This offers plant operators more options when choosing fuel, as well as allowing the generation of more electricity. Both of these benefits greatly improve plant profitability. In addition, efficient combustion has a positive impact on any plant’s environmental performance.

Valmet’s solutions have proven to be effective in applications with demanding fuels. Our successful waste-to-energy concept is based on the principle of maximizing the recycling and combustion of waste to produce high-yield solid recovery fuels (SRF).

With decades of power plant automation expertise, Valmet provides prompt, professional, high-quality results.

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