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Steam exploded black pellets

Steam exploded black pellets made from biomass are a renewable fuel that offers significant reductions in carbon footprint by replacing fossil fuels. It is also a cost-effective alternative to white pellets. Black pellets involve only minor alterations to the heat and power plant and can replace existing fuels up to 100%. Valmet delivers complete production plants, from biomass receiving to finished black pellets.

Maximum value from renewable raw materials

Black pellets act like coal

The primary utilization of black pellets, or bio coal, is for replacing coal in power plants. Black pellets act like coal and can be co-fired with coal up to 70% in larger units and up to 100% in smaller units.

Advantages of steam explosion

Steam explosion, i.e., short thermal treatment ended by rapid depressurization, is applicable for upgrading many types of woody materials into a drop-in fuel. The process is an excellent choice for production of durable and waterproof black pellets that are suitable for safe and economical long distance transportation.

Steam exploded black pellets require minimal capital expenditure at the power plant. The process is easy to integrate with other industrial processes, for instance at a kraft pulp mill. Utilization of residual biomass and low-grade waste heat makes the process very feasible.

Valmet is your black pellets partner

Valmet offers complete production lines for steam exploded black pellets and also conversion of existing white pellet plants. Every step in the process – from wood handling to drying – is customized and the end result is pellets or briquettes according to the customer’s requirements. With our black pellets concept, we are committed to moving your performance forward.

Introducing Valmet black pellet plant

Introducing Valmet black pellet plant

The primary use of black pellets is to replace fossil coal in power plants. It is safer, more cost-efficient and delivers more energy than white pellets. The carbon emission reductions compared to traditional fossil fuels are significant. Valmet can deliver a complete production plant, from biomass infeed to black pellets out.

Black pellets - A replacement for fossil coal in power plants

Black pellets - A replacement for fossil coal in power plants

Steam exploded black pellets are a renewable biomass fuel that is safer and more cost-effective than conventional “white” biomass pellets, yet deliver more energy. The Valmet black pellet plant is a complete production facility with an integrated CHP plant, from biomass infeed to black pellet outfeed. Valmet also offers revamps of existing white pellet plants.