Market leader in continuous and batch cooking

Valmet provides cooking systems adapted to a variety of raw materials and process demands.

With state-of-the art technology Valmet serves pulp mills world-wide. Our cooking systems give higher pulp yield, lower reject and less environmental impact. The end result is improved products, productivity and profitability.

  • Valmet Continuous Cooking is the first-hand choice for kraft mills pulping wood based raw materials such as hardwoods (eucalyptus, acacia, birch etc.), softwoods (pine, spruce etc.) and bamboo.
  • Valmet Batch cooking is the right choice for dissolving pulp grades. A system with high availability and capabilities for various dissolving grades. Valmet’s batch cooking system is also a viable option for wood based kraft mills designed for smaller capacities.
  • Valmet Horizontal Tube Cooking. Valmet provides reliable and efficient continuous horizontal tube digesters for cooking of non-woods such as bagasse and straw.


Customer success stories

Even better pulp and yield at Smurfit Kappa Piteå

Even better pulp and yield at Smurfit Kappa Piteå

Pulp with higher quality, combined with increased yield from the wood raw material, is now a reality for Smurfit Kappa at its mill in Piteå, Sweden. The cooking process technology from Valmet played an important role in the successful rebuild project.

Irving leaps forward with Valmet CompactCooking

Irving leaps forward with Valmet CompactCooking

When Irving Pulp and Paper of Saint John, New Brunswick, on the Atlantic coast of Canada, started up its new continuous pulping operation in March, 2016, it was a milestone in the Canadian pulp and paper industry. The two-phase modernization project for the bleached kraft pulp mill represented the largest investment in the Canadian industry since 1993.

Consistent pulp quality optimizes the process

Consistent pulp quality optimizes the process

Cleaner pulp, higher, more consistent quality and reduced maintenance. These are some of the results since SCA’s liner mill in Obbola brought its new cooking plant into operation in 2015.


Cooking - Process and automation upgrades

Pump Feed Solution G3

is a feeding system for chips into continuous cooking systems to replace high-pressure feeders.

Chip Bin OB

Improve your cooking process with enhanced steaming.

Outlet Device ODS

Maintenance friendly outlet device with improved availability.

Beam Lifter

A device that allows installing scaffold beams in digester and impregnation vessels in a simple, fast and secure way.

Top Separator Kit

The Top Separator Kit gives you the possibility of upgrading your existing top separator and increasing its reliability.

Outlet Device Kit

Valmet Outlet Device Kit gives you the possibility of upgrading your existing outlet device and increasing its reliability.


TubeFlash by Valmet with a patented compact design improves your liquor condensate qualities.

Fresh Steam Regenerator

Converts hot smelling gases to odor-free steam before preheating the wood chips.

OptiFeed - batch cooking

More chips per batch and enhanced digester capacity.

Lowered Extraction Screens

Rebuild overloaded digesters with a lowering of the extraction zone.

Cross Circulation System

Reduced MP-steam consumption.

Feeder Adjustment Kit

Adjust the feeder accurately, easily and safely. An adjustment kit enables making accurate and safer adjustments to the feeder

Flexible Screen

Unique, flexible design making it a suitable replacement to all kinds of older digester screens.


Measuring alkali consistency is important to achieve the best possible result from the cooking plant to save chemicals.

Chip Level Indicator

The chip level indicator measures the current chip level in the top of the digester.


At least 30% higher feeding capacity.




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