Research and development

In this section you can find information on Valmet's Research and Development work, such as focus areas, orders received of new products and costs.

Valmet's R&D work is based on customers' needs, such as increasing production efficiency, improve competitiveness, maximize value of raw materials, widen raw material base, provide high-value end products, and developing new innovations and technologies.

Currently, Valmet has three focus areas in its R&D work:

  • To ensure advanced and competitive technologies and services, Valmet develops cost competitive, leading process and automation technologies and services.
  • To enhance raw material, water and energy efficiency, Valmet combines process technology, automation and services to reduce raw material, water, and energy consumption in its customers’ production processes.
  • To promote renewable materials, Valmet develops solutions to replace fossil materials with renewable ones and to produce new high-value end products.

Valmet has successfully commercialized its techological innovations. Valmet has, for example, sold 27 OptiConcept M board and paper machines, and 13 Advantage NTT tissue machines. Valmet has also delivered 2 LignoBoost lignin separation plants.

Orders received of new products:

  • EUR 462 million in 2013
  • EUR 529 million in 2014 (Automation business line not included)
  • EUR 653 million in 2015
  • EUR 751 million in 2016
  • EUR 692 million in 2017
  • EUR 1,080 million in 2018
  • EUR 987 million in 2019
  • EUR 994 million in 2020
  • EUR 1,054 million in 2021
Product is new 5 years after launch in capital business and 3 years in services business.
  2021   2020   2019   2018   2017 2016 2015 2014 2013
Research and development expenses (EUR million) 82 75 71 66 64 64  50 42 60
% of net sales 2.0% 2.0% 2.0% 2.0% 2.1% 2.2%  2.0% 1.7% 2.3%
R&D personnel 471 457 452 442 421 447  456 298 330
Figures for 2013 are carve-out figures. 


Valmet's Research and Development centers on map

Valmet's research and development work is carried out predominantly in Finland and Sweden within the business lines’ technology and R&D organizations. In addition, research and development takes place together with a network made up of customers, research facilities and universities.

Valmet R&D centers

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Five steps to successful commercialization of an innovation

Five steps to successful commercialization of an innovation

Based on my experiences I have created a list of steps to successful innovation commercialization. I believe these to be useful in product development projects for both physical equipment and digital solutions.

Research and development

Research and development

Valmet’s focus on research and development work is currently aimed at cost-efficient, modularized and standardized solutions with the right technology scope

Updated; Mar 1, 2022