Energy solutions for petrochemical industry

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Valmet’s solutions for helping petrochemical companies achieve plant-wide circular economies include boilers, emission control technologies all backed up by our comprehensive service expertise.

Proven, high-efficiency solutions for demanding fuel sources

Turning energy-rich side streams into low-emission energy sources

Tailored emissions control solutions

High-efficiency energy solutions for petrochemical side streams

Our high-efficiency combustion boilers turn energy-rich side streams such as asphaltene, gas, and petroleum coke (petcoke) into low-emission energy sources to power your plant’s processes. With our advanced automation solutions you can ensure reliable process control, high availability, and optimal steam distribution, as well as increased safety.

Valmet CFB Boiler solutions

Our Valmet CFB Boilers are based on circulating fluidized bed (CFB) technology and offer excellent fuel flexibility with high-efficiency combustion of biomass, recovered fuels, and various types of coals. They are also suitable for burning challenging solid petrochemical refining residues like asphaltene and petcoke, as well as co-firing with any combination of these fuels.

Solving the petcoke challenge

Our CFB boilers provide the opportunity to turn a challenging refinery by-product like petcoke into a low-cost fuel source, with the flexibility for co-firing with other solid fuels in any ratio.

Based on our extensive experience and world-leading R&D capabilities, we can design and deliver a boiler solution that can cope with all the typical challenges of petcoke firing, which include:

  • Technically challenging fuel feeding due to the fuel properties
  • Risk of agglomeration in locations where fluidization is low
  • High sulfur content leading to high limestone consumption or expensive desulfurization

Oil & gas fired boiler solutions

Our boilers for liquid and gaseous fuels enable high-efficiency combustion of a wide variety of fuels, including extra-heavy, light, and pyrolysis fuel oils, as well as fuel gas from refinery processes and natural gas.

High-efficiency solutions for hot-water and steam generation

Whether you need a hot water boiler for a district heating network, process steam boiler for an industrial application, or superheated steam boiler for power production, we can design and develop the optimal solution for you. All our oil and gas boiler solutions are designed for high reliability and easy maintainability. 

Tailored emissions control solutions

We supply complete cleaning solutions to ensure effective control of atmospheric emissions regardless the type of fuel you are using. Each and every solution is tailored and optimized for your power plant, including its fuel mix.

Read more about our air emission control solutions

Service expertise when and where you need it

Wherever our energy customers are located, we’re never far away. Our experienced service teams have deep engineering and project knowledge and can help you address your challenges with a wide range of powerful tools and remote support. Many customers who trust Valmet equipment also trust us to provide reliable, comprehensive service to support their operations.

  • 18 service centers across Finland
  • 200 service specialists
  • 75 power plant customers
Our expertise is at your service

Our expertise is at your service

Our focus is to bring your performance forward. Our expertise in sustainable energy production is at your disposal. Get in touch with our specialists through your local Valmet office, or the link below.

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