Chip washing

Producing quality pulp requires chips that are as free from impurities as possible, not only for pulp quality but also with respect to wear on the equipment.

The growing use of purchased chips, from sawmills, results in an ever-increasing need for chip washing. Existing impurities, in the form of metal, stones and sand, must be removed before the chips enter the process.

Chip washing saves wear on production machinery, such as feed screws and refiner segments – a major maintenance expense.



Chip washing - Process and automation upgrades

Chip Washing

Improved chip washing concept

Chip Flume

Improved washing can be used to produce cleaner chips or to increase capacity.

Chip pump type MM

The Valmet heavy-duty horizontal slurry pumps offer a wide range of world class hard metal slurry pumps for abrasive pumping applications.




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