Financial information

In this section you can find Valmet's key financial information, such as quarterly and annual financials, financial targets, recent development in improving profitability, overview of financing facilities, financial risk management, investments and net working capital.

Financial figures analysis tool

Here you can find Valmet's quarterly and annual financials. You can also quickly open the Valmet Key Figures Excel.

Financial targets

Valmet's Financial targets were updated on June 23, 2022.

Revenue recognition

Here you can find information about Valmet's revenue recognition guidelines which follow IFRS 15.

Profitability improvement

Valmet aims to improve profitability through quality costs, cost competitiveness and procurement among others.

Cost structure

Information about Valmet's cost structure.

Debt and financing

Financing structure, financing facilities and interest-bearing debt. Valmet currently has no credit ranking. 

Financial risk management

Liquidity and refinancing risk managementcapital structure managementinterest rate riskforeign exchange riskcommodity riskcredit and counterparty risk and fair value estimation.


Here you can find key figures and graphs regarding Valmet's cash flow provided by operating activities, capital expenditures and cash flow after investments.

Net working capital

Here you can find key figures and graphs regarding Valmet's cash flow provided by operating activities and net working capital.

Calculation of key figures

In this section formulas for calculating Valmet's key figures are presented.


Valmet's financial year is the calendar year. The Financials pages are updated when financial information is disclosed.

The financial statements are presented in euros, which is the Parent Company's functional currency and Valmet's presentation currency.

Valmet publishes its financial statements under International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS). The interim reports are prepared in accordance with the principles of recognition and measurement laid down in the IFRS.