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Chemical recovery

Valmet is a full-scope supplier to pulp mills, offering advanced technology for recovering and preparing cooking chemicals, and producing energy.

Based on our wide experience and in-depth knowledge of pulping processes, we have developed and commissioned chemical recovery plants with outstanding performance on all continents.

Bioenergy generated by combusting black liquor contributes to the worldwide quest for cleaner power.

It is a fact that almost every chemical recovery cycle offers many opportunities for optimization, which translates into lower costs and better utilization of raw materials.

Customer success stories

CMPC Guaíba pulp mill becomes totally odorless

CMPC Guaíba pulp mill becomes totally odorless

CMPC Riograndense Ltda’s Guaíba pulp mill in Brazil no longer emits any hazardous or malodorous gases into the environment. They are efficiently controlled and destroyed by Valmet’s non-condensable gas (NCG) treatment system – probably the most comprehensive one in the world.

Suzano sets new standards for green energy in Brazil

Suzano sets new standards for green energy in Brazil

In 2011, after years of careful planning and conducting numerous studies, Suzano Pulp and Paper decided to go forward with the most ambitious and challenging project of the South American pulp industry in a decade: to build the most energy-efficient mega mill in the world.

Valmet awarded at Eldorado

Valmet awarded at Eldorado

Turning a big challenge into a success – this is what happened at the Eldorado Celulose e Papel site when the new greenfield pulp mill started up in the city of Três Lagoas, Brazil, in December 2012. For its work on this project Valmet was nominated as the best engineering–procurement–construction (EPC) supplier.

Rizhao mill:One year of successful operation

Rizhao mill:One year of successful operation

APRIL SSYMB Rizhao mill, the world's largest pulp mill, has completed one full year of operation and produced over one million adt bleached pulp. The mill has a state of the art ecofriendly and odorless production.

Recent articles about chemical recovery

  • Ash treatment with crystallization technology at the OKI mill

    At the APP OKI pulp and paper mill the recovery boiler ash is treated in an ash crystallization plant to keep potassium and chlorine at the desired low levels in the mill’s recovery cycle.

  • Committed to sustainability at APP

    In 2012, APP established the Sustainability Roadmap Vision. Christina Koh, Head of Global Communications at APP, tells about their targets and actions towards their sustainability vision.

  • World records and excellent quality at OKI pulp mill

    Valmet was chosen to deliver key technology to APP’s OKI pulp and paper mill in Indonesia. The mill is one of the largest in the world and has hit several world records since its startup in 2016 while delivering top quality.

  • SCA starts world’s largest softwood pulp line

    The world’s biggest production line for bleached softwood kraft pulp is now up and running in Sweden. SCA’s massive Helios project, which involved a complete rebuild of the existing Östrand pulp mill, is a textbook example of how a successful project should be executed.

  • Pulp mill lime kilns go fossil free

    Valmet has developed biomass-based alternatives for moving into 100% renewable fuel also for lime kilns.




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