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Solutions for Stock Preparation and Recycled Fiber

At Valmet, we have the solid world-class expertise to understand your production-specific stock preparation process. Our modern stock preparation and recycled fiber solutions help paper and board makers to reduce energy and water consumption, minimize raw material costs, and deliver end-product quality.

Valmet’s globally proven technology covers all the needs from bale handling to headbox, comprising the various processes needed in stock preparation. Our experienced and skilled people support you right from initial planning to the project phase, and through commissioning and start-up to continuous production.

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Bale handling

Efficient raw material handling for consistent dry solids flow and optimal slushing results.

Bale handling
Hydrocylone HC

Refining and deflaking

Refining plays a decisive role in developing the fiber properties of stock and final paper properties like strength. It also greatly affects the paper machine’s runnability. Optimal refining can also significantly impact mill energy savings.

Valmet is the global industry leader in refining technology, services and expertise. Through R&D and in-depth fiber analysis, product development, engineering, segment design and more, Valmet continues to expand its portfolio to deliver high-performing, energy-efficient solutions for all refining applications.

Refiner segments

Pulp cleaning & hydrocyclones

Valmet Hydrocyclones can be used to protect the subsequent process equipment like screens, deflakers and refiners from impurities by efficiently separating coarse particles and increase the lifetime of process equipment.

Valmet’s hydrocyclone products remove unwanted particles such as sand, glass, metal, inks, certain unwanted organics, plastics, wax, and Styrofoam down to 50 microns. These systems work together with other Valmet products, such as pressure screens, for optimal removal of such particles.

Low consistency hydrocyclones
Medium consistency hydrocyclones
High consistency hydrocyclones
Cleaner plant optimization

Broke system

Along with favorable slushing efficiency, an ability to cope with variations in production rate is among the most important requirements of a broke system. At the wet end, where the sheet disintegrates easily, dry-end trim and especially coated broke are more difficult to slush and may require separate deflaking and/or screening to remove stock impurities. Learn more about our smart solutions for efficient broke handling and processing below.

Broke and pulp thickening

Approach flow system

The OptiFeed concept is an integrated wet-end system that is always designed to the needs of the paper grade.

Machine screening

White water system

Valmet focuses on increasing operational capacity with accurate dimensioning and flow modeling to ensure the highest possible filtrate quality. Our latest solutions improve efficiency and reliability while simplifying maintenance and service procedures.

Pressure-fed Bow Screen and Gravity-fed Bow Screen


Pilot Trials

Pilot facilities at Valmet’s Inkeroinen plant provide complete pilot processes for mechanical pulping, recycled fiber, stock preparation, and pulp drying. Our comprehensive facilities allow you to run tests on a set-up that mirrors your current process configuration or alternatively the one you’re looking for to set up.

Pilot trials

Microfibrillated cellulose

Microfibrillated Cellulose (MFC) is a natural material made up of cellulose fibrils that have been separated from a source, such as wood pulp. MFC fibers bond together and create strength, that when added to the paper-making process, can produce a wide range of benefits including increased tensile strength, improved barrier properties, smoother surfaces, and more.

Valmet MFC
Wet end applicator
Pilot trials

Services for stock preparation

Our objective is to ensure the seamless and optimal operation of your stock preparation process. Valmet's comprehensive maintenance and improvement solutions cover a spectrum of challenges that you may come across with your production line.

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