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Lower fresh water consumption

Reduced micro stickies

Minimized chemical consumption

Valmet Ultrafiltration Technology

A modular process for paper machine white water treatment

Colloidal substances, stickies and bacteria are among the main components that lead to runnability and efficiency losses in paper machine processes. Prevention of these reductions in performance can be achieved using a modular approach to whitewater treatment.

Valmet’s Ultrafiltration process is a solution for paper, board and tissue mills to produce colloid-free, bacteria-free, ultrapure water from white water. The main objectives are to reduce fresh water consumption, improve paper machine runnability, efficiency, and manage energy.

Improve your white water treatment

Looking to reduce fresh water consumption, improve runnability, and reduce energy usage?

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Valmet Ultrafiltration W

Valmet Ultrafiltration W is a solution for paper and board mills to produce colloidal, bacteria-free, ultrapure water from white water. The main targets are reducing fresh water consumption, improving paper machine runnability and production efficiency, and controlling the energy balance. 


Valmet Ultrafiltration C

Valmet Ultrafiltration C effluents containing coating color are concentrated without additional chemicals using ultrafiltration technology. The coating concentrate resulting from the process is returnable to the fresh coating color preparation line.


Valmet Ultrafiltration T helps Essity Nokia reduce energy costs

Discover how Valmet Ultrafiltration T helped Essity Nokia Tissue Mill reduce fresh water consumption. By replacing fresh water with high-quality permeate filtrate for paper machine shower water, Valmet Ultrafiltration T process helps tissue mills save on energy costs and achieve sustainability goals.