Customer product development

Finished products are the ultimate result of the interaction between raw material, paper and machinery. As such, selecting the most suitable combination between paper and technology is essential to determine the success of any new initiative, given the desired characteristic of the finished product.

Pivot Solutions, the center of excellence for the tissue industry launched by Valmet, is a one-stop-shop that combines our worldwide proven expertise on converting and packaging processes together with the deep knowledge of engraving and embossing technologies and finished products also thanks to the availability of state-of-the-art pilot lines that allow testing product features under real operating conditions (e.g. high speed, real embossing pressure, etc..) and the capability of performing smart analysis by gathering real machine and process data. As manufacturers of paper embossing machines and paper converting machines, we provide our expertise to support you in achieving your goals. 

Customer Product Development Solutions 


PIVOT is our advisory service unlocking data for every aspect of tissue converting. It tracks machine and finished product data and the result is actionable information on every stage of the tissue converting process with a specific focus on the interactions between machinery and paper to identify a path towards enhanced performance of existing products or the development of innovative products. PIVOT analyzes data of tissue samples and translates it into recommendations on the best machine configuration for the paper product and suggestions to deliver consistent quality and improve OEE.


The success of a new product is determined not only by its technical and functional features but also by its emotional dimension, which contributes to making customer experience unique and unforgettable. Our engraving solutions are known worldwide for being esthetically appealing to the eye of final consumers, do also play a very important role in enabling tissue manufacturers pursue specific differentiation strategies.


Thanks to Engraving Solutions and Roll-Tec, we are the only tissue machinery manufacturer capable of offering all engraving technologies: mechanical, chemical, mixed and tool-based and direct laser engraving for non-metal surfaces and small-sized rolls or limited-size sleeves. We produce rolls for single or double Rubber-to-Steel embossers, DESL or nested, Point-to-Point, Deco-Embossing, steel to steel, match to steel, Fusion or other advanced techniques. We offer our customers complete solutions from the study of the embossing pattern to the production of trial samples and the supply of engraved rolls in order to launch new products, improve existing ones, venture into new markets and capitalize on new business opportunities. We produce rolls with exclusive, patented technologies to guarantee efficiency and quality of the finished product.


Thanks to our wide range of pilot lines we can either produce prototypes for evaluation purposes as well as simulate and test product performance at real operating conditions (high speed) with the different winding technologies available on the market (3 or 4 rolls). Also, we can produce product samples to perform panel and market tests with dedicated production slots. Our prototyping capabilities are available worldwide for all our technologies, roll and fold products, including the most innovative ones like Solid and Solid+ rolls.

Available locally at our facilities worldwide:

  • Green Bay, USA
    • Pivot lab
    • Full speed Sincro Pilot Line (600 mm) Solid option
  • Joinville, BRAZIL
    • Pivot lab
  • São Paulo, BRAZIL
    • Pilot Line Mandrel Tech (500 mm; 200 m/min)
    • Pilot Line Napkin Tech (heads 24 cm; 30 cm and 33 cm)
  • Lucca, ITALY
    • Pivot lab
    • Sincro Pilot Line (300 mm); Solid + ready
    • Full speed Constellation S6 Pilot Line (700 mm)
  • Shanghai - Foshan, PRC
    • Logistic hub for Asia based customers