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Proven and effective chip screening

Valmet Chip Screen

A screening stage is often necessary to achieve the uniform chip size demanded in different processes. Valmet’s concept for chip screening includes several screening options, all designed for effective removal of oversize and fine fractions from the chip flow. With more than 500 chip screening systems delivered worldwide there is a screening system for any application. Valmet chip screens are available in several sizes; from a capacity of 250 to 1200 loose m3 per hour. Valmet offers several types of screening equipment and several systems for processing overthick and oversize fractions.

Effective removal of oversize and fine fractions from the chip flow

Several available screens and sizes

Proven technology


  • Gyratory screening - Valmet Chip Screen type CSE and CSR both have high capacity and combines screening of overs and fines with the same screen. The effective spread-out chute feeds material evenly across the entire width of the screen deck allowing a thinner chip layer. Patented non-plugging design for fine removal.

  • Thickness screening - A disc screen is used for thickness screening of wood chips. Multiple disc sizes makes chip layer vibrant and screening efficient.

  • Roll screening - a roll screen is used for fine separation. Efficient fine screening with special roll surface pattern.

Oversize/overthick chip treatment:

  • Valmet Chip Cutter - Drum chipper with easy access. Uniform chips from oversize chip fractions.

  • Re-chipper - Disc chipper for special applications when the re-chipped product has to be blown back to a process.

  • Chip Conditioner - Overthick chip treatment between special patterned rolls. Minimize fine generation.

Pre-screening, Metal separation and Fuel handling

  • Disc scalper - For oversize particle screening before actual screening. Special disc pattern to improve screening efficiency.

  • Metal separation - Fe-metal separation form the material flow with a magnet. Open or closed model. Self-cleaning or manual cleaning.

  • BioCrusher - A slow rotating crusher for oversize particles, such as screening overs, lumps, knots, stumps, log ends and wood residue. Slow rotation speed generates less dust and eases keeping the surrounding environment clean and noise levels low.



Our expertise is at your service

Our expertise is at your service

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