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Valmet DNA DCS Automation for refining

Addressing challenges in the refining industry requires ongoing investment in technology and innovation, collaboration with industry partners, proactive regulatory compliance, and a commitment to sustainability. Refineries must continually optimize operations, enhance safety practices, and embrace emerging trends and technologies to navigate the complexities of the refining industry. Automation system can play a big part in these processes.




Energy efficiency and carbon emissions

Refineries are energy-intensive operations, and reducing energy consumption is a continuous challenge. The industry faces pressures to improve energy efficiency, minimize carbon emissions, and adopt cleaner technologies to align with global climate goals.

Automation can help you improve your processes, creating less waste and increasing efficiency. Optimizing your refinery will immediately decrease your emissions and create a more sustainable operation.

Refinery configuration and optimization

Achieving optimal refinery configuration and operational efficiency is a complex challenge. Balancing the production of different refined products to meet market demands, optimizing unit capacities, managing product blending, and reducing production costs require careful planning and continuous process optimization.

Automation systems give clarification to processes where needed and can be configured in any way that fits your refinery. It is important for your automation to fit your goals and optimize the results long into the future. Flexibility is therefore key in any automation system of your choice.

Technological advancements and digitalization

Embracing technological advancements and digitalization is crucial for the refining industry's competitiveness and efficiency. This includes adopting advanced process control systems, utilizing data analytics for predictive maintenance, optimizing energy usage, and exploring emerging technologies such as hydrogen production and carbon capture, utilization, and storage (CCUS).

Automation systems are at the forefront of these technological advancements. The versatility of all types of applications that can be added onto a DCS is a goldmine for refining. With automation systems you are looking towards the future, creating a set-up that can improve your processes for years to come.

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