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Quality and reliability are the key to profitability

Pulp mill dissolving pulp

In the dissolving pulp business, the key to profitability is consistently making high-purity pulp with the right alpha-cellulose content to exactly meet your customers’ specifications, day after day, year after year. To help you achieve this, Valmet has extensive experience with high-efficiency processes and technologies for producing dissolving pulp. Based on 16 major projects since 2008, we are the leading process and equipment supplier for dissolving pulp mills, both in terms of number of references and total installed capacity.

Cooking is the heart of the matter

The cooking operation is the heart of any dissolving pulp line and Valmet is the only process and equipment supplier that can offer both cooking technologies for dissolving pulp: Batch or Continuous. This means we can tailor your line to give you the best flexibility for making the exact pulp quality required by your customers for their own various end products.

Our offering covers every process step in the dissolving pulp mill, starting with incoming wood handling through to finished pulp in bales or rolls, and also includes high-efficiency chemical recovery plants and advanced mill-wide automation systems.

Valmet technology has a proven track record of ensuring stable and continuous production, with pulp quality properties kept within tight specifications. Consistently staying within the specs minimizes the financial risks associated with low-value, off-quality dissolving pulp.

Valmet’s pulping solutions also meet the highest environmental and sustainability targets, which are today indispensable standards for many textile producers and brand owners.

Reduced scaling for higher uptime and stability

Scaling in dissolving pulp production is an important problem that can have a big impact on your results, both due to downtime and also for process and product stability. Valmet’s cooking systems have unique design features that reduce scale buildup, which means less downtime for cleanups. It also reduces variability in pulp quality, because shutdowns and startups caused by scaling occur less frequently than with other competing technologies.

Better stability is also evident on the fiber line, since Valmet uses high-consistency TwinRoll™ washing for much lower water carryover. This gives significantly sharper borderlines between the stages, guaranteeing the best fine tuning of pulp qualities to meet customer requirements.

Whenever you are considering building or rebuilding a dissolving pulp line, we at Valmet are always available to discuss your specific situation and the possible solutions we can provide.

Our expertise is at your service

Our expertise is at your service

Our focus is to bring your performance forward utilizing our extensive experience and in-depth knowledge of pulp process technology. Get in touch with our experts through your local Valmet office, or the link below.

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