Pilot trials at Valmet Paper Technology Center

Valmet Paper Technology Center provides the world's most comprehensive offering of testing and piloting services to paper and board manufacturers worldwide. Our pilot facilities have the entire process covered, from stock preparation to coatings and everything between, providing customers with excellent service and reliable results to support investment decisions.

Insurance for your investment with pilot trials

Whether you are looking to change up your production or improve the efficiency of your existing process we are talking about a serious capital investment decision that should never be taken lightly. To ensure peace of mind and investment security, you should invest in solutions that you know to be true and tested. Valmet offers extensive testing opportunities spanning the entire production process prior to making an investment commitment.


Setting the standard for testing efficiency

Valmet Technology Center facilities are always of the highest standard. The needed technology is available to you in a clean and safe environment. All the solutions and latest innovations we make available are always proven in practice. Thanks to a customized process tailored to mirror your process, the results are directly translatable into your real process environment.

Our facilities allow you to run tests on a set up which mirrors that, which you have at your facilities, or alternatively the type of configuration you are looking to set up. We even encourage you to bring in your own base materials from pulp to coatings to ensure realistic testing results.

Our technology Center is designed to let you discover how utilizing new Valmet solutions and new innovations could improve the efficiency of your existing processes or convert your lines to new grades or even new end products in a risk-free piloting environment.

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Pilot trials for stock preparation

Complete pilot processes for mechanical pulping, recycled fiber, stock preparation and pulp drying as well as MFC.

Paper machine pilot trials

At the Paper Technology Center in Jyväskylä, Finland, you can pilot and test latest paper machine technologies. Your R&D team is warmly welcome to join our experts to develop the optimal configuration to support your papermaking demands.

Finishing pilot trials

Valmet Paper Technology Center in Järvenpää provides pilot trial facilities for finishing technologies: sizing, coating, calendering, reeling and winding. We join forces with customer's R&D team to meet their targets in light-weighting, bulk or printability, for example.

Kotkamills: Agile product development with Valmet

The printing paper machine of Kotkamills was converted to produce FBB. After the start-up, Kotkamills has introduced unseen innovative products to the market.

Valmet investing in the future

Valmet upgrades its pilot machines in 2018 to support paper, board and tissue customers in moving their performance forward. The upgrades increase the flexibility of the pilot trial possibilities even more.

Pilot trials as a reliable basis for successful decisions

“Carrying out pilot trials means you get a real piece of paper in your hand, giving you much more confidence that you’re making the right decisions”, says Manfred Tiefengruber, Paper Production Manager at Sappi’s Gratkorn mill.