Valmet's development of consistency transmitters is based on over 50 years of experience, where technology changes, changing customer needs, and innovative research in cooperation with our customers has made Valmet the leading consistency transmitter supplier worldwide.

The driving force behind this development has always been, and continues to be, obtaining better measurements and controls to improve the pulp and papermaking process.

Today Valmet’s consistency offering represents all known measurement technologies within the industry.

Consistency transmitters are developed especially for pulp and paper processes aiming to provide reliable, accurate, and durable sensors that tolerate process disturbances and harsh conditions.

Valmet’s consistency portfolio can cover all the pulp and paper applications; from chemical pulp mill digester to dryer machine and repulper, to paper, board, and tissue machine pope reeler.

By selecting our solution, you will also get Valmet’s know-how and the support needed to reach the best performance of your measurement device and control.

Reasons to invest in consistency measurement

  • Higher consistency control performance
  • Improved end-product quality
  • Maximized production by reliable measurement
  • Savings in raw materials, chemicals, and energy
  • Improved process efficiency
  • Correct technology choice and installation enables stable measurement
    • Less re-calibration needs
    • Less laboratory determinations
  • Continuous real-time measurement improves predictability