Honeycomb Rolls®

Original inspiration for the design of Valmet’s Honeycomb Roll came from the hexagonal brilliance of the honeybee's comb. This elegantly simple structure provides the mathematically optimum proportion of open air to structural integrity not only in nature, but in the manufacturing world as well.

The revolutionary design of the Honeycomb Roll creates structurally rigid cells that deliver up to 3 times more open area than conventionally drilled steel shells. Honeycomb Rolls achieve open areas of up to 96% through the roll shell. This maximizes uniform airflow throughout the web and lower energy usage.

You can adjust dwell time, temperature and through air speed to achieve maximum productivity. Unsurpassed temperature uniformity of +/-1º C (+/- 2º F) assures optimal performance from your web product, because you achieve accurate bonding temperature at each fiber junction. This allows you to improve the strength-to-basis weight ratio and take full advantage of costlier multi-component fibers.

With diameters ranging from 12 inches (0.3 M) to 16 feet (4.9 M), our custom designed shell construction meets the most demanding process requirements. The benefit of using our technology is to ensure your product is processed with unfluctuating through air velocities and temperatures. Processing uniformity translates into product quality.

Besides optimum strength to open-area ratios, the other indisputable advantage of Honeycomb Roll technology is versatility. It is the heart of Valmet's Thru-Air systems for drying, curing and thermobonding. We apply Honeycomb Roll technology to a variety of web handling situations and the solutions they require, including:  

  • Vacuum Tension Rolls
  • Vacuum Transfer Rolls
  • Vacuum water extraction rolls
  • Cooling Rolls
  • Forming Rolls
  • Washing Rolls
  • Porosity Measuring Rolls
  • Hydroentanglement Rolls
  • Moisturizing Rolls

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