Safety Control

Valmet DNA Safety Control

As a safety system Valmet DNA uses various models manufactured by HIMA which are seamlessly integrated into Valmet DNA.

Integrated safety

The HIMA safety systems integrated into DNA are type HIMax, HIMatrix, and HIQuad X. All these systems are seamlessly integrated into Valmet DNA by means of Ethernet connectivity. The HIMA systems are working independently and fulfilling the safety functions when needed. All the models are certified by TÜV and approved to safety integrity level SIL3.

Safety engineering tools are integrated into Valmet DNA engineering server. Name-based SafeEthernet communication is established between the safety controller and Valmet DNA process controllers. Safety controllers can communicate with actuators thru the same PROFINET network as the Valmet DNA Automation System.

Easier to use

Safety control & diagnostics applications are built into the Valmet DNA User Interface, meaning that they share and utilize the same data assets with all other applications. The safety applications also share the same visualization principles, meaning that they are easier to use. This leads to faster and easier troubleshooting while decreasing the risk of user errors. The safety information is available in all relevant applications, such as machine and drive controls.

Safety system solutions​


  • ISO 13849-1
  • Example: wood yard, lime kiln, pulp dryer, cooker...

Board & Paper​

  • EN 1034-16
  • Example: burner management system, emergency stop, start-up prevention...


  • EN 1034-17
  • Example: burner management system, emergency stop, start-up prevention​...


  • EN 298 (Automatic burner control systems for burners and appliances burning gaseous or liquid fuels)
  • EN 50156-1 (Electrical equipment for furnaces and ancillary equipment)