Valmet DNA Automation System

Controllers and I/O for Valmet DNA Distributed control system (DCS)

Valmet DNA is an open system that contains versatile interfaces – compatible with commonly used standards – that are used to process computers, logics, and other external systems. The system has the capability to communicate with external systems via software links or hard-wired links.

Most commonly used protocols are available

Commonly used standards like OPC DA Server/Client, OPC UA Server/Client, PROFIBUS, PROFINET, Ethernet/IP and Foundation Fieldbus are supported. There are several supported protocols available that use either serial line or the Ethernet bus.

Gateway node for connectivity

The gateway connecting to third-party systems is either a Windows workstation (OPC DA) or ACN controller node.

The gateway converts the data obtained from the third-party system into the name-based protocol, at which point the data becomes transparent for other Valmet DNA applications. For example, data read through an Ethernet link can be used as input for other control applications or can be displayed as event data on operators’ workstations. Depending on the protocol used the gateway also enables sending data to the third-party system.

Connectivity to older Valmet control system generations

Full connectivity with earlier Valmet control system products is essential for lifecycle thinking. Connections to Damatic, Damatic XD and Damatic XDi systems are a natural asset.