New lines

Defining suitable production capacity is the key to ensuring the highest possible return on paper machine investment. Our focus is on supplying right scale papermaking lines with sustainable solutions to serve local as well as global markets. Production can be focused on those products where demand and prices are the most profitable.

Valmet's board and paper machines are designed for

  • cost-efficient production
  • safe and easy operation
  • fast start-up
  • flexibility
  • excellent end product quality
  • low environmental load

OptiConcept M - Maximum efficiency with minimum operating costs

OptiConcept M paper machine keeps costs down by increasing energy, raw material and chemicals efficiency. It provides improved flexibility in grade changes, and enables efficient operation and maintenance-friendly design that maximizes productivity and minimizes downtime. OptiConcept M stands for economy, safety, and the environment.

Valmet Paper Technology Center

Valmet Paper Technology Center provides the world's most comprehensive offering of testing and piloting services to paper and board manufacturers worldwide. Our pilot facilities have the entire paper machine process covered, from stock preparation to coatings and everything between, providing customers with excellent service and reliable results to support in investment decisions. Read more about Paper Technology Centers

The Greenpac Mill's PM 1 is a Valmet supplied paper machine producing lightweight containerboard out of recycled fibers. 

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The first OptiConcept M for fine paper - APRIL Kerinci PM3

APRIL's new PM3 in Indonesia is the first OptiConcept M line designed for fine paper production. The investment target was to meet the growing global demand for premium PaperOne products, APRIL's flagship paper brand.

Remote support smooths out the start-up of Bohui’s new BM6

A giant was born when Bohui started their new containerboard machine BM 6 – the widest and largest of its kind in Asia. From the initial start-up all the way to the conversion to printing paper production, the onsite processes and machine optimization have been supported by global experts from Valmet’s Performance Center.

Yiwu Yinan Paper Industry's new OptiConcept M

Yiwu Yinan Paper Industry started up their new Valmet-supplied containerboard production line, paper machine PM 22, at their Yiwu site in Zhejiang Province in China in November 2019. It took only 1.5 hours to get paper from stock on wire to the reel. The board production line is producing high-quality recycled fluting grades.

YFY Pursuing the goal of zero waste

Fewer raw materials, less energy consumption, better-quality products: all the key features of OptiConcept M technology are highly compatible with Yuen Foong Yu’s business philosophy and long-term vision.

ITC Limited PM1 coated board making line in India

“The main driver was the increasing demand for packaging board in India mainly due to increased e-shopping. Coated board has an important role in replacing plastics. We needed a trustworthy equipment supplier and high technology which can convert raw material to a high-quality board in a cost-efficient way", says Sanjay Singh, CEO of ITC Paperboards and Specialty Papers Division.

OptiConcept M board making line at Pratt Industries in the USA

Pratt's new containerboard production line, PM 16, successfully came on stream in 2015. This is Valmet's first OptiConcept M installation in North America.