Value chain impact

Valmet strives to develop the transparency and traceability of its entire value chain together with its stakeholders from sourcing of raw materials to recycling of products. 

We have estimated that around four percent (4%) of our environmental impact arises through our supply chain and around one percent (1%) through our own operations. The remaining 95 percent is caused when our customers use of our technologies over their entire life cycles. 

Environmental impact of Valmet's value chain. Product life-cycle 10-100 years. Not applicable to pulp mills.

Supply chain 

Valmet has an extensive supply chain including around 17,000 active suppliers in over 50 countries. However, over half of our purchases come from Finland and Sweden when measured by supplier spend. Our purchases mainly comprise metals-based products and electronic components and services from suppliers in the pulp, paper and energy industries. 

We constantly enhance our supply chain management to support our own and our partner' sustainability efforts. Read more >> 

Own production 

Valmet’s production operations cover foundries, own manufacturing and further processing of supplied components. Most of Valmet’s production comprises of assembly. Valmet’s service operations range from spare part deliveries to maintenance of wear parts in Service workshops, and complete outsourcing of customer mill functions. We have also set clear targets for the reduction of water and energy consumption as well as waste generation. Read more >> 

Valmet's services and technologies 

Valmet is a leading developer and supplier of services and technologies for the pulp, paper and energy industries. Our technology offering includes entire pulp mills, tissue, board and paper production lines, as well as power plants for bio-energy production. We also provide comprehensive services over the extensive life cycle of our technologies. 

Valmet’s mission is to convert renewable resources into sustainable results. This means that our technology and services make it possible for our customers to manufacture sustainable products from renewable resources. Our solutions are designed for the highest efficiency and minimum environmental impact to meet customer needs. Read more >>