Attractive flow control partner for EPCs

Engineering Procurement Construction

The EPC is commissioned by the end customer to handle a vast engineering project from start to finish. As a reliable partner and vendor that can bring added value beyond just the technology and valve products we offer, we are able to eliminate headaches and guesswork when it comes to the flow control solutions of the plant being planned, designed, and constructed for the refining and chemicals, pulp and paper, mining or renewable energy industries for example.

Addressing typical EPC challenges

The aim of the EPC is always to find the perfect balance between compliance with the project specifications, high quality, optimized performance and strict budgeting and scheduling. Ultimately their mission is to deliver the best possible fully functional plant or facility to the end customer that has made a considerable investment. We share this ambition, bringing forward the best suited solutions to address the requirements set out by the end customer. We prefer taking an active role already in the early phases of engineering to ensure we deliver a long-term solution that will address the unique needs of both the EPC and the end customer over the plant’s full lifecycle.

During the project, the EPC must handle an infinite number of details and ensure the seamless interoperability between technologies sourced from different vendors. Valmet has built an experienced and dedicated project team to ensure everything related to valves runs as smoothly as possible. This means everything from product quality, certifications, availability to detailed and accurate documentation and dedicated supplier expertise. A smooth EPC project requires partners that share the same goal and carry their share of the responsibility.  


Our solutions

Valmet is able to provide EPCs peace of mind regarding the flow control aspects of any project. Their reputation and business is as much on the line as ours. Our organization takes this very seriously and has allocated a dedicated team to serve our valued EPC customers, providing them with the solutions that ensure our project success and theirs.

Reputable brand

Valmet in itself is a highly regarded and reputable partner in flow control. EPCs and end customers alike recognize and rely on our industry-leading flow control product brands; Neles, Neles Easyflow, Jamesbury, Stonel and Flowrox. Our services also rightfully enjoy a strong reputation. We are happy to support the EPC and the end customer across the plant’s lifecycle.

Comprehensive portfolio

We have a complete portfolio of flow control products from valves to actuators and intelligent valve controllers. We offer all valve types in all needed sizes and specifications for automated control and on/off applications. We can also offer advanced DCS and safety systems when needed. We are truly a one-stop-shop for all possible flow control needs.

Field-proven technology

Reliability and sustained performance are vital to any industrial process. Ultimate reliability comes from the use of well-engineered, thoroughly tested and field-proven technologies. All of our products are based on field-proven designs and thoroughly tested at Valmet’s state-of-the-art testing facilities before delivery.

Experience and expertise

Our knowledge and experience with complex projects means that in addition to the available products we offer, we provide the selection and planning expertise that ensures that the end customer’s plant gets the best possible benefits from the valve technologies installed.

Dedicated project team

As an EPC customer you get to enjoy a single point of contact that takes on project responsibilities. There is also always a strong quotation team with technical, commercial, and legal expertise working on your project in-house at our end. Our on-site execution team is also always experienced and highly professional.