Sustainability management

Valmet has a strategic approach to sustainability, and therefore sustainability related issues are discussed as part of Valmet’s Sustainability agenda by the Board of Directors and the President and CEO. The Board of Directors of Valmet have oversight on sustainability. The President and CEO oversees the progress of Valmet’s targets set in Valmet’s Sustainability agenda.

Valmet’s Executive Team determines on and monitors Valmet’s sustainability agenda and goals as well as all related policies. Valmet’s sustainability performance is reviewed annually by the Executive Team. Valmet’s Senior Vice President, Marketing and Communications, is responsible for sustainability at Valmet; she is a member of Valmet’s Management Team and reports to the CEO. 

Valmet’s Sustainability team is part of the Corporate Marketing and Communications function. The Sustainability team is responsible for coordinating and developing sustainability and related processes at the Valmet level and it proposes and manages the group-wide sustainability agenda and the initiatives within it. It also co-ordinates the reporting of sustainability data according to GRI reporting guidelines, engages with stakeholders and communicates sustainability issues to internal and external stakeholders.

Valmet’s stakeholders are existing and potential customers, existing and potential employees, suppliers and subcontractors, shareholders and investors, media, non-governmental organizations, the authorities and local communities, as well as research institutes, universities, colleges and vocational schools.

Our business lines and area organizations are responsible for ensuring that all the group-wide initiatives are implemented in order to meet Valmet’s sustainability targets. They are responsible for reporting sustainability data to the Corporate Office and for assuring the accuracy of the data. 

Valmet ties sustainability topics, such as health and safety KPIs to remuneration. For instance, safety targets are part of team performance targets in bonus plans for selected employee groups and top management. Individual performance targets might also include targets for emissions reductions or other sustainability related topics. Sustainable supply chain targets are part of selected groups’ performance targets in Valmet’s global procurement. 

Executive team

Determines on and monitors Valmet's sustainability agenda, goals and policies. Reviews sustainability performance annually. 


Senior Vice President, Marketing and Communications

Responsible for sustainability at Valmet, a member of Valmet's Management Team and reports to the CEO.


Business lines and area organizations

Responsible for ensuring the implementation of all group-wide initiatives.


Sustainability team

Responsible for coordinating and developing sustainability and related processes at Valmet level. The team is lead by the Head of Sustainability.