Career in Sales

As a sales professional at Valmet, you’ll be able to offer the best available technology, automation and services to our customers. With sustainability and efficiency in mind, Valmet’s customer driven research and development centers work to meet our customers’ needs ¬ now and in the future – and to maintain our leading position in the markets we serve. Explore the employee experiences and open sales positions below!

5.074 billion

Net sales 2022 (EUR)

95 million

R&D spend

Employee experiences

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I am proud to be part of a company that has more than 220 years of industrial history and six decades of experience in Brazil. It is very easy to adapt in a company that aims to deliver sustainable solutions and that has excellence, renewal, customers and people as their values.


My journey with Valmet is just beginning, but I can say that I could develop many projects, implement ideas, and overcome challenges alongside incredible people. It is gratifying to share my experience and learn daily with a fantastic team.

Fernanda, Marketing & Communication Specialist Coordinator, Brazil




Contrary to the expectation that it would not last long, COVID-19 continues, and is still changing business life a lot. In particular, sales managers and service engineers, who have always worked at the forefront with customers, are still looking for new ways to minimize the number of in-person meetings and communicate and collaborate more with customers remotely. All this is new to our customers as well. I am enjoying my work today because it truly requires that everyone works together. It’s much easier to adapt to the “new normal” when we communicate and try to understand each other.

MyongHo, Senior Manager, Korea