Valmet Service Center in Jyväskylä, Finland

Vamet Service center in Finland for rolls

The Jyväskylä Service Center is the most comprehensive modern service center in Europe, serving customers throughout the world. The center opened in 1989. We offer pulp and paper customers the latest roll technology and a wide range of maintenance expertise. Our goal is to deliver products and services that improve the performance of our customers’ operations.

Wide range of roll covers enabling long running times

The Jyväskylä Service Center offers covering solutions for any roll position and type with state-of-the-art coating technologies. We can cover rolls with a wide selection of different coatings such as composite, polyurethane, rubber, carbide and ceramic. The iRoll intelligent roll system is one of the newest services we can produce according to customers’ needs. 

For finishing, there are possibilities such as turning, grinding, drilling, grooving and dynamic balancing.

Roll maintenance services for extended roll lifetimes and maintenance intervals

We offer modular roll maintenance solutions, including maintenance, reconditioning and upgrade services tailored to your needs. Our roll services agreements provide a systematic approach to improving performance and reducing roll maintenance costs.

More than 400 roll covers and about 150 maintenance operations are carried out annually at the Jyväskylä Service Center.

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Looking for a reliable partner for your roll service needs? At Valmet’s Jyväskylä Service Center we offer the latest roll technology, numerous covering solutions and a wide range of maintenance expertise to pulp and paper customers throughout the world. We help you to eliminate unplanned shutdowns, increase the running times of rolls, reduce energy consumption, improve the end-product quality and lower the roll maintenance costs in long-term.

At Jyväskylä, we can help you with

Roll covers for the board, paper, tissue and pulp industry

Maintenance solutions for rolls

Other services 


Jyväskylä in numbers

Can handle rolls up to:

  • 2 m in diameter
  • 12 m in width
  • 110 tonnes in weight


Contact details

Valmet Technologies, Inc.

PO Box 587
FI-40101 Jyväskylä

Eero Hartikainen
Senior Manager, Production
+358 40 5577832

Eija Lahti-Jäntti
Customer Service Team Leader
+358 40 8211267

Tommi Mikkonen
Senior Manager, Consumables Solutions
+358 40 7244823

Ilkka Lahtinen
Project Engineer
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Mika Leinonen
Project Engineer
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Pyry Paananen
Project Engineer
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