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Valmet's innovative coating solutions are suitable for all paper and board grades. High performance and functionality are common characteristics for the entire range of coating technology. Taking advantage of Valmet's expertise in choosing the correct kind of coating and drying concepts means that your coating machine will produce high-quality board and paper in a cost-effective and environmentally sound way. 

OptiCoat solutions

An optimal selection of coating stations to meet various production requirements, for new lines and rebuilds.

Combining different coating methods


The different coating application methods are suitable for different purposes. Sometimes you need more than one coating layer applied with more than one coating type of a coating head to achieve the optimal results. In the following image you can see the different kinds of benefits of two different coating methods: blade coating and curtain coating. Blade coating improves smoothness and curtain coating improves coating coverage - together they delvier immaculate coating quality!

Different coating methods_856x.jpg

Profile variation with different coating methods

CD coatweight variation_856x.jpg


Profile variation with different coating methods is quite big. It goes hand in hand with the previous example of combining different coating methods. Peak-to-peak coat weight variation has a great effect on the prinnting quality in the later stages of the process. Let our experts help you choose the best solution for you!

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