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Tail threading for board and paper making

Safety and efficiency through total tail control

A reliable tail threading process decreases tail threading times, minimizes waste and improves safety. This means an investment in your process is an investment that pays for itself. Whether you need improvements in paper or board machines, we have an advanced tail threading solution that clearly enhances your production efficiency. Our comprehensive range of tail threading services, from preventive maintenance to tail threading study secures optimal operation of your equipment and reduces threading times.

Ropeless tail threading solutions for board and paper machines 

Compared to conventional carrier rope systems, the ropeless and automated tail threading solutions achieve significantly shorter tail threading times. It also improves operator safety: no accidents due to ropes.

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Tail cutting solutions for board and paper machines 

Our tail cutting and widening solutions for forming, press and dryer 
sections provide better controllability and uniform tail quality for the tail 
threading process. Tail cutting is performed with water jets or by a mechanical cutter such as TailCutter, a reliable solution for heavy paper, board and pulp grades.

Temperature monitoring solution for board and paper machines 

Valmet Sheet Temperature Detector is a non-contacting temperature monitoring system. It measures either sheet or dryer surface temperature depending on case-specific circumstances and the operating status of the dryer section. It will improved tail threading and runnability.

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