Pilot trials for stock preparation

Pilot plant in Inkeroinen, Finland, creates a firm backbone for customer centric R&D

Full-scale pilot testing facility

Whether you’re looking to ramp up production or improve the efficiency of the existing process, we’re talking about a serious capital investment decision. To ensure peace of mind and investment security, Valmet supports you in finding  solutions you know to be tried and tested. Valmet’s comprehensive testing opportunities span the entire production process and help you to cover all the bases with thorough testing before an investment commitment.

Pilot fact box for stock preparationPilot facilities at Valmet’s Inkeroinen plant provide complete pilot processes for mechanical pulping, recycled fiber, stock preparation and pulp drying. Our comprehensive facilities allow you to run tests on a set-up that mirrors your current process configuration or alternatively the one you’re looking for to set up. We even encourage you to bring in your own raw materials to ensure a realistic testing result that will demonstrate the solution’s suitability for your specific process and needs.

Stock preparation pilot trials