On-off valves

Long-lasting tightness with Neles™ on-off valve solutions

Intelligent, reliable on-off Neles valve solutions for general and high-cycle applications will help to reduce the life-cycle costs. Our valve solutions provide long lasting tight shut-off with fast and safe operation together with reduced fugitive emissions. Neles shut-off valves combined with intelligent valve controllers provide diagnostic capabilities and increase plant safety.

On-off valve product offering

Neles on-off valves for long lasting shut-off solutions

On-off valve selection

The selection criteria for on-off valves typically circulates around long-lasting tight shut-off, fast and accurate operations and minimized fugitive emissions. Valmet offers a range of valve solutions for both automated on-off valves and manual on-off valves. Our valve offering is complemented by a full offering of other valve assembly components from actuators to limit switches and intelligent valve controllers.

Optimized performance and efficiency

Our butterfly valves offer optimized efficiency with best-in-class Cv and valve capacity with both metal-seated and soft-seated valves available, depending on your process and application requirements. They provide both long-lasting tightness and industry-leading reliability, certified to SIL 3.

Durability and reliability

Our ball valves and segment valves are widely known to provide excellent performance in demanding industrial applications. Our ball valves in particular, when equipped with our Q-trim™ technology, are known for their abilities in cavitation and noise abatement. Our segmented ball valves utilize our unique on-off valve seating technology.

Certified and proven technology

Our on-off valves come equipped with a wide range of product certifications. In addition to SIL3, most of our valves are certified in terms of fire safety and emissions. Our knowhow in valve design, material selection and coatings help further enhance process reliability in even the most demanding applications. You can also rely on our expertise and software tools when it comes to the selection and sizing of your valves.

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