VII for Fleet Management for energy

Valmet Industrial Internet (VII) for Fleet Management

Valmet's VII for Fleet Management is a solution directed to customers who operate in the electricity market and in the steam or district heating network. 

Solution includes:

  • Optimize heat and electricity production using latest forecasts on load, electricity prices and weather
  • Manage reliable fuel supply in transparent collaboration with suppliers and logistic companies
  • Optimize steam network on plant level to balance steam consumption and production
  • Produce district heating with most economical fuels in every point of the network

Energy KPI

DNA Steam Network Management

DNA District Heating Management

DNA Fuel Chain Management

DNA Energy Management

Performance Center

  • Regular upkeeping of the advanced process controls  
  • Maintain the optimization mode
  • Inspection of the advanced process controls conditions
  • Finding new areas of improvement for further optimization

Customer Portal

  • Real-time steam savings monitoring
  • Solution KPI monitoring
  • Support requests for Valmet Performance Center remote support



  • Optimization of the fleet
  • Optimization of timing for start-ups and stops
  • Improved fuel purchasing
  • Capitalization of electricity trading potential
  • Reduction of steam losses up to 50%
  • Optimized production of electricity and steam based on demand
  • CO2 footprint reduction
  • Reduced operating costs in heat network