Enhanced fuel supply chain transparency and control

Valmet DNA Fuel Chain Management

Valmet DNA Fuel Chain Management makes fuel logistics management more accurate and transparent by enabling smooth, optimized and controlled fuel delivery from forest to boiler. By simplifying biopower plant operations, this state-of-the-art application makes them more profitable. It is especially helpful when using several different types of biofuels from multiple suppliers.

More effective, transparent and profitable operations for all supply chain parties

Time and cost savings with improved fuel logistics

Accurate ordering, scheduling and invoicing with minimized risk of errors

Efficient fuel logistics planning from forest to boiler

An everyday challenge for modern biopower plants is estimating fuel demand, scheduling fuel deliveries from multiple fuel suppliers and managing efficient fuel logistics continuously.

The advanced Valmet DNA Fuel Chain Management solution uses modern cloud services to meet this challenge. The system provides a transparent view of all parties and processes in the delivery chain, from fuel suppliers and logistics companies to truck drivers and boiler operators.

A unique benefit of Valmet DNA Fuel Chain Management is that the system automatically plans fuel deliveries according to plant production forecasts. The application creates the fuel purchasing plan and distributes it to suppliers. This includes the exact amount, type of fuel and delivery time slot desired from each supplier. The operations manager can modify any part of the plan at any time, as needed. As a result, combustion management is also improved.

Manage biofuel supply chain with Valmet DNA Fuel Chain Manager

More transparency

Valmet DNA Fuel Chain Manager facilitates real-time digital communication between partners and provides a view of the entire supply chain. It also reduces manual errors, improves data security and offers better troubleshooting possibilities. All necessary information is easily available via a user-friendly mobile interface.


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