The Valmet Cutter has been developed to run at a design speed of up to 300 meters per minute.

The R&D work was carried out on 1.2 m wide pilot cutter through a large range of tests with various pulp qualities. The cutter is equipped with automatic tail threading and dust removal systems for safer operation.

As a standard feature, the cutter is equipped with embedded automation with a user-friendly operation interface and sophisticated sound insulation solutions. Since every cutter layboy is completely pre-assembled and tested at our workshop before delivery, erection times are short and start-ups trouble-free.


Cutting - Process and automation upgrades

Cutter Dust Removal System

Dust is a well-known problem when cutting, and dust cannot be avoided. But it is possible to avoid spreading dust to the working environment.

Cutter Tail Threading

Automatically transferring the tail from the dryer section’s pull stack to the cutter.

Cutter Layboy Adjustable Bearing Housings 

For quicker knife clearance adjustment during operation.

Cutter Layboy Belt Drives 

Belt transmission solutions for better production efficiency and increased environmental safety.

Cutter Divider Plates 

Pneumatically operated vertical movement divider plates for sheet edges with integrated wedges.

Cutter Layboy Feltless Sheet Transfer 

Non-felt transfer system, which consists of rolls, press wheels, support plates and a reject gate.

Cutter Layboy Press Wheels

Spring-loaded press wheels with cross beams (single or double) to guide the sheet flow at layboy and overlapping area.

Cutter condition test

A program for determining the condition of a Cutter.

Cutter Layboy Speed Overlapping System

Increases high-speed cutter layboy performance.

Cross Cutter

When production speeds are increased, the requirement for a 2-knife rotating roll is obvious. Replace the existing cutter cross cutting with a modern design.


Cutting - Maintenance and shutdown services

Cutter condition test

A program for determining the condition of a Cutter.





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