Valmet's Way Forward

Valmet's way forward: Mission, Strategy, Continuous improvement and renewal and Vision

Valmet is a leading global developer and supplier of services and technologies for the pulp, paper and energy industries. Our services cover everything from maintenance outsourcing to mill and plant improvements and spare parts. Valmet's objective is to become the global champion in serving its customers.

We focus on delivering technology and services globally to industries that use bio-based raw materials. Our vision is to become the global champion in serving our customers and moving the industries forward, and our mission is to convert renewable resources into sustainable results. 

Valmet's main customer industries are pulp, paper, and energy. All of these are major global industries that offer growth potential for the future. We will complement our core business by applying our technology and know-how to industries beyond biomass, particularly in the energy sector. Our automation business covers wide base of global process industries.  

Our product and service portfolio consists of productivity-enhancing services, plant upgrades and rebuilds, new cost-efficient equipment and solutions for optimizing energy and raw material usage, and technologies increasing the value of our customers' end products.

We have defined a Sustainability agenda, which is closely linked to our strategy and Must Wins. Strategy is visualized in Valmet's Way Forward.


Converting renewable resources into sustainable results.


Valmet develops and supplies competitive and reliable process technologies, services and automation to the pulp, paper and energy industries. Our automation business covers a wide base of global process industries. We are committed to moving our customers’ performance forward with our unique offering and way to serve.


1) Customer excellence

- Grow in Services, Automation Systems, Flow Control and Tissue Converting
- Strengthen capital business market share
- Improve sales management and customer experience to drive growth and gross margin

2) Leader in technology and innovation

- Improve product cost competitiveness and performance
- Develop new products and technologies to create new revenue and enable customers' carbon neutral operations  

3) Excellence in processes

- Develop project and agreement management, and delivery to improve gross margin
- Implement unified processes through “Leap Forward”
- Improve quality performance 
- Continue HSE improvement
- Improve net working capital and increase flexibility, savings and sustainability in operations and supply chain

4) Winning team

- Boost high performance and engagement
- Continue global capability development


- Expand our offering for existing customers
- Find new applications and customer segments for existing products
- Develop new technologies and offerings for emerging new market segments
- Active growth programs in the Industrial Internet, Emission Control, Biomass Concepts, Recycled and Cellulose-based Textile Fibers and 3D/Molded Fiber businesses


To become the global champion in serving our customers and in moving the industries forward.

Valmet defines Must-Win implementation objectives for each year. For more information on our progress in strategy implementation, please see Annual Review 2023.