Flow control for pharmaceutical

Improved process performance


Meeting increasing demand while maintaining safety and timeliness are key factors in the pharmaceutical and biotech industry. These pressures are driving technologies that help meet regulatory requirements while delivering a competitive edge in terms of reliable and efficient performance. Proven technologies and enhanced capabilities are helping overcome new challenges.

High availability

Improved operational efficiency

Reduced total life cycle costs

Proven performance for sanitary process applications

Pharmaceutical and biotech companies are facing increasing competition and need increased efficiency, reduced costs and agility. Valmet has long experience in flow control and automation solutions for pharmaceutical industry. We are working with many global industry leaders to address these needs and requirements with our valve controllers and monitors. We understand and take the special features and demands of customer’s production process into consideration in order to tailor a system that fits exactly to the particular case of a particular customer. All our products are supported by a comprehensive service offering and service network.


Monitoring precision

Valmet's Stonel™ Axiom™ and Stonel™ Prism™ platforms use solid state continuous sensors that have increased reliability and precise position measurement, compared to mechanical or proximity-reed technology. These sensors enable more sophisticated valve diagnostics, leading to reduced life cycle maintenance costs.

Compact size

The Axiom, Prism and Eclipse products are all rich with features and designed to meet the industry’s increasing need for smaller, lighter and more durable products to conform to the needs of modular process skids and flexible manufacturing. The integral solenoid of the Axiom for example allows for a smaller overall envelope size on the skid thanks to less connected tubing and cabling needed to complete the valve assembly

Common features allow easy commissioning and configuration

Minimize total life cycle cost when implementing proven, field-based digital communication technologies available in the Axiom, Eclipse and Prism.

  • Convenient push button settings accurately lock in open and closed positions and will safely remain in place when power is removed and reapplied
  • Bright LED and mechanical visual indication
  • Certified for use in hazardous and washdown environments
  • Withstands typical process environment corrosive
  • Rapid enclosure entry
  • Network capable and secure, convenient remote access with Wireless Link option
  • Advanced valve diagnostics available
  • Mounting kits for many actuator brands

Predictive maintenance

You can avoid downtime due to valve failure by having easy access to information about critical parameters. Using Wireless Link you can remotely monitor valve function and access difficult to reach communication and control modules safely and conveniently even up to 50 meters away.

Easy, safe and secure access with Wireless Link

You can set the sensors from a remote location using the Wireless Link app on an iPhone or iPad without ever opening the cover. This option is available in our Stonel™ Axiom™, Eclipse™ and Prism™ platforms for AS-interface and DeviceNet bus networks and in the Axiom and Eclipse platforms for conventional applications. Sustainable, yet profitable performance is a result of design and engineering aimed at minimized emissions and reduced size, weight and complexity.

Improved process performance and reduced total life cycle costs

We provide the solutions you need for integrating your automated valves. Optimum performance means that all components of your process need to be efficiently integrated with your control system. We will cooperate with your design team and third party vendors to create the communication and control interfaces you need, recommending the right components for the optimal efficiency of your entire system.

Reducing costs through smart design

The use of space and time are typically the most expensive parts of constructing a new production plant. Combining our products with a DeviceNet™ or AS-interface protocol system to interconnect your automated valves will lower your construction costs and enable faster installation than with conventional systems. Our low profile linkages allow you to reduce the physical footprint.

Lower inventory costs with universal adaptability

The same device, Axiom or Eclipse, mounts directly onto either a spring return or double acting actuator with ease. And thanks to Axiom’s universal solenoid feature our customers also have added flexibility in terms of using any power from any source ranging in voltage from 24VDC to 250VAC.


A formula for safety in pharmaceutical industry processes

A formula for safety in pharmaceutical industry processes

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