Intelligent quality control for the entire value chain

Valmet IQ Quality Control System

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The Valmet IQ Quality Control System (QCS) is a highly customizable quality management solution that helps you increase process performance while meeting your quality goals.

End-to-end quality control of entire processes from wet to dry end

Fully integrated, online capabilities for system virtualization and fleet management

Innovative and reliable technology developed to improve your performance

Whether you are looking to replace equipment or build an entirely new quality management solution, the Valmet QCS has the flexibility to meet your exact needs.  It is the only quality management system that can automate all essential control points for the pulp, paper, board, tissue, nonwoven and converting applications.

The Valmet IQ QCS uses intelligent scanners, precise integrated or standalone measurements, and advanced control applications for monitoring and optimizing end-product quality. Every component leverages our vast industry experience and in-depth process and machinery know-how.

The latest generation of Valmet IQ QCS is compatible with Valmet DNA. The new structured, web-based user interface guides operators, helping them focus on critical information and make the best decisions.

From simple standalone solutions to full scale quality management, the choice is yours, and you can always easily expand later as needed. Compatibility between generations is ensured, and the Valmet IQ QCS is backed by a wide portfolio of services from remote on-demand assistance to comprehensive lifecycle support.