Quality control system (QCS) for pulp, board, paper and tissue

The Valmet IQ quality control system (QCS) for the pulp and paper industry is designed and built with the experience of thousands of system deliveries by Valmet over longer than half a century. It is a customizable quality control system that helps you to increase the process performance while matching your quality goals with optimized quality.

Our product portfolio helps you to move your business performance forward whether you are looking to replace individual pieces of equipment or to build up an entirely new quality management solution. All Valmet IQ products are based on vast process knowledge and long experience in the pulp and paper industry. Support is ensured by local experts to assure lifelong performance at the lowest total cost of ownership. Valmet expertise is also available remotely for all customer mills through remote connections.

Valmet IQ Controls & Applications are the core of the QCS system with joint user interface and intelligent control applications that let you monitor and optimize machine performance. Valmet IQ is supported with a wide portfolio of quality management services from remote on-demand assistance to comprehensive lifecycle support.





Valmet IQ Scanners provide accurate and stable sheet quality measurements in demanding machine conditions, improving quality and efficiency while reducing costs.





Valmet IQ Measurements provide you with specialized measurements optimized for pulp, tissue, paper, board, and board converting.  






Valmet IQ Profilers provide effective profile management for improved sheet uniformity, productivity, and runnability at all stages of the process.



Machine vision

Valmet IQ Process and Quality Vision helps detect quality defects and identify their root causes to achieve better runnability and high-end quality.