Spare parts

Spare parts for Valmet automation products and systems

Spare parts and repairs are available to ensure availability, safe operation, and efficient production. Our cost-efficient solutions are tailored to the customer’s needs and are available from the basic spare part needs to inventory management. 



  • Reliable spare parts deliveries on time
  • Minimized risk of part failures
  • Efficient spare part management

Our spare parts services

  • Spare Parts and Repairs
  • Spare Parts Inventory Audit
  • Spare Parts Coverage
  • Exchange Unit Service
  • Spare Parts Inventory Management

We offer reliable original equipment manufacturer (OEM) spare parts, components, and units, and cost-efficient solutions with exchange unit service for Valmet Automation products. The global supply chain ensures that parts are easily available.

Spare Parts Inventory Management also includes storage and active inventory management of agreed spare parts. Optimal spare part management ensures adequate availability and delivery time, which contributes to a lower risk of unplanned production outages, reduced capital expenditure to inventory, and better maintenance efficiency.

High-quality spare parts

Our spare parts cover all of Valmet's Automation applications and products.


  • DCS
  • QCS
  • Profilers
  • Information management
  • Web inspection
  • Web break analysis
  • Condition monitoring
  • Analyzers
  • Measurements
  • Automated laboratories
  • Boiler diagnostics systems



  • Valmet DNA
  • Metso DNA
  • maxDNA
  • Damatic XD
  • Valmet IQ
  • PaperIQ
  • Sensodec
  • Kajaani
  • Kemotron
  • Enertechnix
  • Valmet