OptiCalender family

Innovative calendering solutions for all paper and board grades

Calendering is the last step of the paper manufacturing process that affects paper and board properties. Calenders are also used as pre-calenders before coating or size application. The main purpose of calendering is to improve the surface properties of paper and to control the caliper profile. Compaction of the paper surface and its structure improves the surface properties, the most important of which are smoothness and gloss.

Valmet’s calendering technology provides innovative solutions for all paper and board grades. The type of calendering technology applied is determined by machine process conditions like speed and web width as well as the paper or board quality desired. Every investment you make has to pay itself back in a reasonable time so it is essential to choose the right concept for each application. All Valmet’s calendering solutions fulfill the most important task: no compromises are allowed to reliable operation.

We invite you to carry out your calendering trials at Paper Technology Center. All calendering technologies can be tried out with your own paper or board.