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Improved surface properties and controlled caliper profiles

Valmet's innovative calenders are excellent solutions for all paper and board grades. Compaction of the paper surface and its structure improves the surface properties, the most important of which are smoothness and gloss. But on the other hand, paper or board web cannot be condensed too much without loosing bulk. Calendering is a two way street; you need to balance between the opposite properties.

OptiCalender solutions

An optimal selection of calenders to meet various production requirements, for new lines and rebuilds.

Valmet’s calendering technology

Valmet’s calendering technology provides innovative solutions for all paper and board grades. Calendering is often the last step of the paper manufacturing process, which is targeting to affect paper and board properties. Calenders are also used as pre-calenders before coating or size application.

The type of calendering technology applied is determined by machine process conditions like speed and web width as well as the paper or board quality desired. Every investment you make has to pay itself back in a reasonable time so it is essential to choose the right concept for each application. All Valmet’s calendering solutions fulfill the most important task: no compromises are allowed to reliable operation.

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