Screening pulp the intelligent way

Valmet’s pulp screening systems are characterized by high capacity, high shive removal efficiency and excellent runability.

Screening pulp at the highest consistency possible is the basic idea behind our unique screening concept. This results in a substantial reduction of the amount of water that has to be handled. Less water makes it possible to build more compact machines, which also means lower installation costs and energy savings.

  • Valmet’s Coarse screening system removes knots, larger stones and junk. The runability is outstanding, also at upset cooking conditions.
  • Fine screening for removal of shives and other impurities. Our fine screens can fulfill all capacity requirements and handle pulp consistencies up to 5%.
  • Combi screening is coarse screening and fine screening in a single housing and with only one drive. This powerful combination achieves major time and space savings along with superior screening results.
Knotting and screening - Process and automation upgrades

Knot Pumping System

Sends your uncooked chips and knots back to the digester feeding line.

Low Energy Rotor

Rotor with tailor made rotor wing packages for up to 30% energy savings.




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