Segment valves

High performance Neles™ segment valves

Neles™ segment valves are economical high-performance control valves designed for liquid, gas, vapor and slurry control applications - especially those with high capacity and wide rangeability requirements. The Neles™ R-series offers light weight, low torque control valves from 1" low-capacity models up to 32".

Optimized performance with durable segment valve design

Lightweight yet durable

Neles segment valves are known for their light weight, which makes them easy to handle and mount. At the same time, we offer a range of segment valves that are suited for harsh environments and deliver optimized performance in both control and on-off applications. Like with all our valves, our segment ball valves are reliable and durable. They perform well in pulp & paper, chemical, petrochemical and refinery service.

Safety and sustainability

All Neles segment valves are engineered, built and tested to be both safe and sustainable. They ensure the lowest possible fugitive emissions and excellent fire safety in accordance to required certification levels in your process. Both metal seated and soft seated options are available depending on your process requirements.

Segment valve offering

Full range of segment valves

Our segment valve portfolio presents a wide variety of segment valves suited for different applications. Our offering includes everything from simple and reliable valves for on-off applications to the highly accurate NelesAce™ basis weight valve for critical basis weight control in paper machines.

Cost-effective maintenance

Smart and simple construction and light weight combined, make our segment valves typically both easy and cost-effective to service, repair and maintain. Excellent reliability paired with low maintenance costs makes them an attractive option for your segment valve needs.

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