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Decades of dependable bleaching control

Valmet Bleaching Measurements and Samplers

Valmet bleaching measurements and samplers are the pulping industry standard, reliable serving customers since the first measurements were launched decades ago.

Valmet inline sensors for brightness and residual chemicals help customers worldwide control and optimize bleaching processes.

The Valmet Brightness Measurement measures brightness, colors, optical brightening agents (OBA), effective residual ink content (ERIC), as well as recognizes wood species. For controlling washer losses and chemical charge, we have the Valmet Residual Measurement. In addition to the measurements themselves, the Valmet Filtrate Sampler provides a reliable, fiber-free flow of filtrate for the measurements.

Valmet bleaching measurement solutions are designed for easy installation without compromising safety or reliability. Benefit from the latest in smart technology for diagnostics and communication while relying on Valmet’s tested and perfected process measurement methods.