Bleaching sensors

In the 1970s, the first Cormec and Polarox were introduced, and have become the standard in the pulping industry. With Cormec measuring brightness and Polarox measuring chemical residuals, these inline sensors have helped customers monitor and optimize their process.

Valmet Brightness Measurement (Valmet Cormec5 X) exposes the latest developments of the optical inline measurement technology. Valmet Cormec5 X measures brightness, colors, OBA (Optical Brightening Agents), ERIC (Effective Residual Ink Content), and recognizes wood species.

Residual sensor for pulp bleaching applications Valmet Residual Measurement (Valmet Polarox5) is the fifth generation of Valmet’s inline sensors for pulp bleaching. Valmet Polarox5 provides continuous timely information of washer losses and optimal chemical charge for bleaching chemical controls. When installing Valmet Polarox5 after the tower, the residual measurement for antichlor control helps protect the people and equipment.

In chlorine dioxide stages, it is important to measure the total chlorine including chlorite. The Valmet Filtrate Residual Measurement (Valmet Polarox5 F) sensor can measure chlorite shortly after chemical addition.

The measurement concept designed in Valmet Peroxide Residual Measurement (Valmet Polarox5 FP) utilizes the proven method in a new innovative way, by measuring both total peroxide residual and OOH ion residual, and thus reveals more intimate information of the process conditions.