Robust and safe sampling for bleaching control

Valmet Filtrate Sampler

Valmet Filtrate Sampler measurement for chemical pulping

The Valmet Filtrate Sampler provides continuous fiber-free filtrate sample for various measurements such as chemical residuals, pH and conductivity. Select a piston or screen extractor as well as the best material construction to collect samples according to precise process conditions.

Seamless integration with Valmet Polarox5 F/FP for easy, reliable sampling

Continuous, stable and fiber-free sample ensure optimal measurement

Robust materials and construction designed to last in the harshest process conditions

Simple and safe sampling for reliable measurements

The Valmet Filtrate Sampler is ideal for continuous pH and conductivity measurement at chemical pulping lines. Continuously collect filtrate sample for even when with high process pressure. The piston sampler uses Valmet’s well-proven construction for safe insertion and retraction even during normal process running conditions.

The Valmet Filtrate Sampler features not only water flushing, but also a combined air and water option to keep sample line and sampler clean. A range of material options for key sampler components ensure a long lifetime even in harsh process locations.

Seamless integration with bleaching measurements

The Valmet Filtrate Sampler is an integrated part of the Valmet Residual Measurement (Polarox5) in many process applications. The sampling sequence can be controlled from Valmet measurement or from the DCS.

An optional integrated pH measurement cell is available for both piston or screen extractor Valmet Filtrate Sampler models. The sampler can work as a standalone sampling device for a 3rd party pH measurement as well.

Extractor options for best performance

The piston extractor for the Valmet Filtrate Sampler is a well-established sampling method. If, for example, the piston extractor is too susceptible to high wear at the installation point, the Valmet Filtrate Sampler can be switched to the screen extractor.

The screen extractor provides a high sample flow and velocity. Filtrate gets faster to the measurement point and the temperature of the filtrate will be nearer process temperature than earlier. This helps process operators and automation controls to see what is the true pH value in the process in near real-time. With fewer moving parts, the screen extractor is low maintenance sampler.