Valmet Filtrate Sampler

Valmet Filtrate Sampler measurement for chemical pulping

Valmet Filtrate Sampler (piston or screen type) provides continuous fiber-free filtrate sample for various measurement needs such as chemical residuals, pH and conductivity in chemical pulping.

Valmet Filtrate Sampler is designed to last in the harshest process conditions


Valmet Filtrate Sampler is an integrated part of the Valmet Polarox5 F/FP sensor in many process applications. They are designed to work seamlessly with each others. Valmet Piston provides continuous fiber free sample flow to the Valmet Polarox5 F/FP and the sampling sequence can be controlled from Valmet Polarox5 F/FP, or from mill DCS. Valmet Piston delivery can include an integrated pH measurement as an option or it can work as a stand-alone sampling device for a third party pH measurement.

  • Titanium gr. 2: A-, Q-, D0-, D1-, D2-, C/D-stages, when pH < 4
  • 254 SMO: P/D-stages, when pH < 4
  • AISI 316 - applications: chemical pulp, pulp washing, P- and E-stages, when pH < 4


Valmet Filtrate Sampler features not only water flushing but also combined air & water option to keep sample line and sampling device clean. The sampler also uses the proven and tested Valmet sensors’ installation method that allows safe insertions and pull out of the sampler even during the normal process running conditions.