Focus on innovation, re-design and quality

We at Valmet target to build long-term and close relations with our customers and selected key suppliers. We appreciate suppliers’ commitment to ensuring success in quality, on-time performance and sustainability as well as readiness for continuous innovativeness and improvements for cost. We all will succeed if we develop our work together and keep our promises.

Valmet Procurement operates as the network of Procurement teams from our four Business Lines and five Areas. This global network works with our supply base to move our customers’ performance forward.

With truly global operations and manufacturing outsourcing, Valmet has an extensive supply chain. Our total spend in direct purchases is around EUR 2 billion annually which is sourced from thousands of suppliers in over 50 countries. However, over half of our purchases come from Finland and Sweden when measured by supplier spend. The share of sourcing from the emerging markets is increasing but there are also opportunities for local suppliers in the developed countries, especially in our Services Business Line.


Doing business with Valmet

Ensuring a sustainable supply chain is one of Valmet’s five sustainability agenda focus areas. Sustainability is fully integrated into Valmet’s way to operate in its supply chain. As part of Must Win targets, Valmet expects its all suppliers to comply with requirements in the Sustainable Supply Chain Policy and pushes ahead with developing more sustainable supply chain practices globally besides ensuring procurement savings.

Valmet has a systematic approach to integrate sustainability into its pro­curement practices globally. Valmet’s procurement process includes gates and actions to ensure that Valmet cooperates only with suppliers who share its ethical principles and ideol­ogy of responsible business practices. The supplier evaluation process is mandatory in eval­uating new suppliers before cooperation begins. Sustainability gates are an integrated and automated part of the process. The automated process en­sures that all suppliers are assessed in relation to their poten­tial sustainability risk, sign the Sustainable Supply Chain Pol­icy, and complete a sustainability self-assessment, if required based on the risk assessment. The online self-assessment is available in nine languages and covers business ethics, compliance, human rights and labor rights, health, safety and environment man­agement, as well as product safety topics.

We seek suppliers that are both financially sound and responsive to satisfy our customers with top-quality, technically excellent and sustainable components, materials and services, delivered on time. It is also absolutely essential that all suppliers comply with our policies and sustainability requirements.

Attached you can find Valmet’s general purchase conditions Valmet GPC 2021. They apply to all Valmet’s procurement. Local/regional amendments may apply (such as due to local currency, tax, and regulatory reasons).

Here you can read more about Valmet’s Code of ConductSustainability and Values.

If you wish to become a supplier to Valmet please fill in the contact form. If there is a potential to do business together, we will contact you.