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The Annual General Meeting is the highest governing body of Valmet in which the shareholders participate in the supervision, decision-making and control of the Company. The Board of Directors is responsible for the administration and the proper organization of the operations of the Company. The President and CEO, assisted by the Executive Team, is in charge of the day-to-day operative management of Valmet and its businesses.

Read more on Valmet's governance in the latest publications:

Corporate Governance Statement for 2017

The report covers Valmet's governance principles and activities, Board of Directors and management in 2017.

Remuneration Statement for 2017

The report covers Valmet's remuneration principles and remuneration in 2017.

Previous Corporate Governance Statements

Corporate Governance Statement for 2016

Corporate Governance Statement for 2015

Corporate Governance Statement for 2014

Corporate Governance Statement for 2013

Valmet’s decision making and administration will be governed by the Finnish Companies Act, the Finnish Securities Markets Act, the rules issued by the Helsinki Stock Exchange, Valmet’s articles of association, the Finnish Corporate Governance Code and the “Recommendation regarding the procedures to be complied with in takeover bids” issued by the Panel on Takeovers and Mergers at the Finland Chamber of Commerce. If Valmet deviates from the recommendation of the Finnish Corporate Governance Code, it would specify and explain the deviation.

Updated; Jul 24, 2018