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Second generation bioethanol and bioplastics

Valmet provides front-end technology for production of second generation bioethanol, a lignocellulosic biofuel that reduces emissions of fossil carbon dioxide without interfering with food or feed production. Valmet’s processes are also applied in other fields including development of bioplastics and bio-based platform or building-block chemicals.

Carbon-neutrality is now a reality

Full-scale second generation bioethanol

The demand for second generation bioethanol is strong world-wide and the driving forces for switching to sustainable transportation fuels will increase. Valmet meets this challenge with experience and new technologies. We are offering both pilot and commercial-scale plants including raw material handling, prehydrolysis and separation.

With our BioTrac concept we provide technology for the initial prehydrolysis step of the bioethanol production process. BioTrac can handle basically all lignocellulosic biomasses, including wood and forest residuals, wheat straw, corn stover and bagasse. The biomass is treated at elevated temperature and discharged, resulting in released sugars that can be further refined into second generation bioethanol.

Bioplastics and bio-based building-block chemicals

Bioplastics are driving the evolution of plastics, and Bio-PET and other bioplastics are already produced by large consumer products companies. Bioplastics provide the unique potential of carbon neutrality. Furthermore, biodegradability is an add-on property of certain types of bioplastics. It offers additional means of recovery at the end of a product’s life.

With BioTrac you get a flexible prehydrolysis solution for production or research of bioplastics. BioTrac functions as the first step in producing bio-based starting materials. Sugars released by BioTrac can be refined into e.g. glycols, which are building-blocks in bio-PET and other bioplastics.

Valmet provides the chemical industry with both process know-how and equipment in this growing field.