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Second-generation Bioethanol

Valmet provides front-end technology for the production of second-generation bioethanol, a lignocellulosic biofuel that reduces emissions of fossil carbon dioxide without interfering with food or feed production. Our processes are also applied in other fields including the development of bioplastics and bio-based platform or building-block chemicals. Of course, Valmet also helps you improve and optimize your processes through automation. Our distributed control system, Valmet DNA, provides an all-in-one solution to combine all your processes in one single DCS.

Valmet Pretreatement BioTrac

Valmet Pretreatment BioTrac concept is developed from our long experience in pulping and fiberboard and it is now further applied to meet new process requirements. It is the perfect technology for the initial hydrolysis step of bioethanol production. The Pretreatment BioTrac can handle essentially all lignocellulosic biomasses, including wood and forest residuals, wheat straw, corn stover and bagasse. The biomass is treated at high temperature and pressure and then safely discharged, effectively separating out the sugars so that they can be further refined into second-generation bioethanol.

Valmet Pretreatment BioTrac is highly flexible in terms of process conditions, allowing it to be tailored to meet a broad variety of requirements in the overall process.

The system can handle a lot of automation, through which the optimization of processes takes place. The efficiency of the BioTrac system, combined with its automated handling, makes it a suitable technology for almost every situation.

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