Air emission control services for energy production


Valmet’s service offering is designed to match your specific needs, whether it's enhancing plant availability, environmental performance, or both. Depending on your requirements, the service solution can be provided as a one-time delivery or as a longer-term partnership through service agreements. By working together, we can ensure maximized reliability and optimized performance of the production process.

High availability and supply reliability

Optimized and predictable operation cost

Sustainable operation by regulations

Increased equipment lifetime

Convert the existing Electrostatic Precipitator (ESP) into a hybrid filter to meet allowed particulate emission

Lower the particulate emissions and unburned compounds in the flue gas and ensure consistent performance by converting the existing Electrostatic Precipitator (ESP) into a hybrid filter. It’s a cost-effective solution that doesn’t require any major changes to the site layout and gives more efficient flue gas cleaning.

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Improved capacity and equipment lifetime for electrostatic precipitators (ESP)

With the right service, we can increase equipment lifetime, and improve capacity and equipment availability. The service is available for all ESP designs including other OEM equipment. The service includes:

  • mechanical inspection during shutdown
  • electrical inspection during operation
  • troubleshooting, site audits and process studies
  • internal parts delivery, maintenance and exchange
  • retrofits and modernization 
  • new chambers and fields.

The inspection services ensure that your ESP and its auxiliaries will function in the best possible way now and in the future. Read more about Inspections for Electrostatic Precipitators.


Flue gas scrubber service to meet performance targets

The flue gas scrubber service will extend the lifetime of your equipment and help you achieve performance targets such as efficiency, pressure drop, and power consumption. The service scope includes:

  • Inspection of scrubber internals
  • Troubleshooting, site audits, and process studies
  • Maintenance and exchange of internal parts
  • Renewal of washing pipes
  • Repairs and modifications to flue gas inlet channels
  • Maintenance of auxiliaries, such as water treatment and additive dosing systems
  • Retrofits/Modernizations to maintain equipment reliability or align equipment with changed capacity or fuels

Improved plant efficiency through flue gas condensing and heat recovery upgrades

Flue gas condensing and heat recovery services will improve the condensing process and/or heat recovery, generate increased plant efficiency and lower condensing temperatures to meet stricter emission limits. A site audit and process study typically serve as the initial steps to understand the best and optimal solutions.

Different solutions are available for various needs:

  • Improvement of scrubber packing structure for better heat capture from flue gases
  • Installation of additional heat exchangers or extra plates in existing heat exchangers
  • Addition of an absorption heat pump to the existing scrubber process to enhance heat transfer to district heating

Bag house filter service to meet emission limits

With in-house manufacturing of filters and extensive knowledge of the filtration process and fabric properties, we offer various materials for different flue gas conditions. The baghouse filter service helps you achieve emission limits, estimate the remaining lifetime of the bags, and minimize unplanned stops.

We also provide baghouse filter additive injection for capturing gaseous pollutants.

Our baghouse service offering includes:

  • Inspection of filters and additive feeding
  • Troubleshooting, site audits, and process studies
  • Laboratory analysis for monitoring bag condition and estimating lifetime
  • Exchange of filter bags and support cages
  • Maintenance of auxiliaries like flue gas dampers or cleaning air pulsing system
  • Maintenance of chambers and hoppers
  • Design upgrades/new filter fields for changed operational conditions

Improved forecasting of maintenance costs with SCR services

Selective catalytic reduction (SCR) services assist in maintaining NOx or NH3 within the right limits, allowing for better forecasting of lifetime and maintenance costs. The service offering includes:

  • Inspections
  • Troubleshooting, site audits, and process studies
  • Delivery, maintenance, and exchange of internal parts
  • Installation of new catalyst blocks and laboratory analysis for monitoring catalyst condition and estimating lifetime
  • Retrofits and modernization

Our references

Savon Voima Oy, Pieksämäki, Finland
Retrofit of ESP internals

Start-up: 2013

Fuel: Bark, wood waste

Solution delivered:

  • Complete retrofit of 2-field ESP internals

Key benefits:

  • Operational reliability of the boiler plant

Kainuun Voima Oy, Kajaani, Finland
Complete ESP retrofit

Start-up: 2007

Fuel: Bark, wood waste, peat, coal

Solution delivered:

  • Complete retrofit of 3-field ESP internals

Emission guarantee: 30 mg/Nm3 

Key benefits:

  • Operational reliability of the boiler plant, material improvements of specific parts


Laanilan Voima Oy, Oulu, Finland
Extension for power boiler ESP

Start-up: 2014

Fuel: Peat, coal, wood

Solution delivered:

  • Extension for power boiler ESP

Emission guarantee: 20 mg/Nm3 

Key benefits:

  • reduction of particulate emissions following the tightening of emission requirements
Download Valmet Heat, Power and Gasification Field Services Handbook

Download Valmet Heat, Power and Gasification Field Services Handbook

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Our expertise is at your service

Our expertise is at your service

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