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Services for emission control

Valmet’s service offering is designed to match your specific need, whether it’s enhanced the plant availability or environmental performance or both. Depending on the need, the service solution can be provided as a one-time delivery or as a longer-term partnership through service agreements. By working together, we can ensure maximized reliability and optimized performance of the production process.

Services for electrostatic precipitators

Valmet offers extensive services for energy and pulp customers with vast experience and expertise in ESP technology for many processes, e.g., recovery boilers, power boilers, waste-to-energy boilers and lime kiln processes. Valmet is able to offer services for any manufacturer’s ESP.

We are a forerunner in delivering ESPs with a Distributed Control System (DCS) based monitoring and controlling application. It features a full remote-mode capability to support the customers’ process optimization, emission monitoring, energy efficiency and maintenance anticipation targets.

You can get a complete ESP delivery installation from Valmet. We also offer ESP modernization projects as well as services to promote sustainability and fulfil emission legislation requirements.



Inspections for electrostatic precipitators

A properly designed and constructed Electrostatic Precipitator (ESP) has a lifespan of several decades. However, deviations from optimal circumstances do occur and may cause wear or corrosion in the ESP parts, and all electrical components have a limited lifespan. Our inspection services ensures that your ESP and its auxiliaries will function in the best possible way now and in the future.

Inspections for electrostatic precipitators (pdf)

Reach your targets with a service agreement

The purpose with an agreement is to help you to meet and exceed your targets. By collaborating through the lifecycle of your equipment, whether it’s about planning, start-up, or operational phase we can offer the right combination of services for every stage in the lifecycle, ensuring the optimal outcome of your plant. Read more about our agreements.


Let’s have a dialogue with data to improve the performance of your plant

Through remote solutions and intelligent automation technology, our experts are easily available to offer support in technical challenges whenever needed. Processes, troubleshooting and corrections can be monitored and performed remotely through Valmet Performance Center. Using the capabilities of Industrial internet, process operations are optimized based on vast monitoring data. The mobile solutions help your operators work as effectively and efficiently as possible. Read more about our industrial internet offering.

Close to you

To support you in the best possible way, we combine our long experience with the latest findings in energy solutions. Our service professionals work close to you, through a network of more than 100 service centers, but are also available remotely with the help of Industrial Internet and remote technologies.

Real trust is earned on site, every day, and therefore we make sure to always go that extra mile and stay with you until everything works as expected. We are committed to drive your performance forward.


Our references

Savon Voima Oy, Pieksämäki, Finland
Retrofit of ESP internals

Start-up: 2013

Fuel: Bark, wood waste

Solution delivered:

  • Complete retrofit of 2-field ESP internals

Key benefits:

  • Operational reliability of the boiler plant

Kainuun Voima Oy, Kajaani, Finland
Complete ESP retrofit

Start-up: 2007

Fuel: Bark, wood waste, peat, coal

Solution delivered:

  • Complete retrofit of 3-field ESP internals

Emission guarantee: 30 mg/Nm3 

Key benefits:

  • Operational reliability of the boiler plant, material improvements of specific parts


Laanilan Voima Oy, Oulu, Finland
Extension for power boiler ESP

Start-up: 2014

Fuel: Peat, coal, wood

Solution delivered:

  • Extension for power boiler ESP

Emission guarantee: 20 mg/Nm3 

Key benefits:

  • reduction of particulate emissions following the tightening of emission requirements

Want to know more about our services for emission control?

Download our Field Services handbook for heat, power and gasification. This handbook gives you guidance in best practices for keeping your operation in good condition and with service interval recommendations helping you prevent unexpected failures.

Our expertise is at your service

Our focus is to bring your performance forward. Our expertise in sustainable energy production is at your disposal. Get in touch with our specialists through your local Valmet office, or the link below.