Board and paper machines

Did you know that 40% of the paper and board in the world is produced with Valmet's paper machines? We value the possibility of staying in close collaboration with our customers so that we can continuously develop new products and papermaking processes that meet customers' needs in energy efficiency or using raw materials more efficiently. By choosing original Valmet machinery and products, you guarantee that your operations – and profit – stay up and running. Uninterrupted.

At Valmet we have the expertise and technology to understand your production-specific papermaking process, from furnish preparation to paper and baseboard making, sizing, coating, coating drying, calendering, reeling, winding and wrapping needs. Our experienced and skilled people support and guide you from initial planning to the project phase, through commissioning and start-up to continuous production – throughout the entire lifecycle of the paper machine line.

Want to talk to our board & paper experts?

Want to talk to our board & paper experts?

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